Creme Caramel
  • 1½ pints milk
  • 3 eggs (large)
  • 3 tbls of sugar
  • 8 tablespoons of white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of hot water
  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 2 (300F (150C)
  2. Crème caramel is not difficult to make and uses ingredients that are common to any basic larder. However, there are few tips to watch out for to ensure that you obtain professional results.
  3. Boil the milk and then allow it to cool.
  4. While you are waiting prepare the caramel. Dissolve the white sugar over a very low heat adding a little cold water to help it melt. As it starts to bubble you will see that it changes colour. Wait till it’s a light caramel shade. Be careful not to make it too dark or it will become bitter. Also, take care not to touch the sugar, as its melting point is extremely hot.
  5. Once the caramel is ready, pour a little in the bottom of some individual oven-proof cups. It will cool and set quite quickly.
  6. When the milk is cool, add the beaten eggs and the brown sugar and stir lightly until the sugar dissolves making a smooth liquid. Try not to create air bubbles while you’re stirring.
  7. Pour the liquid over the caramel in the cups.
  8. Place the cups onto a baking tray, which has some cold water. The water should reach up to half the height of the cups. Take care no water should spill into the cups.
  9. Cook the puddings in the oven on a very, very low heat. The water must never boil or the puddings will cook too quickly and form bubbles. That is not what we are looking for. We need a wonderfully smooth pudding texture. They should take about an hour to cook through and set.
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