Edamame In Ponzu Sauce Wins!

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Edamame In Ponzu Sauce Wins!

Always a popular dish in a sushi restaurant, edamame has become more and more popular in the last few years. It can be added to so many dishes from salads to rice. It’s yummy roasted with seasoning for a nibble you can snack on. One of my favorite ways to eat edamame is cooked in the shell in a tasty marinade or sauce.

While I was experimenting to see which sauce would work best, I make notes. Once I picked my favorites, I published them in an article you can read here.


My three favorites were wasabi teriyaki, ponzu, and a Sriracha sauce.

In a test and vote, ponzu won! It turned out to be my first choice too. I do love ponzu sauce. It’s wonderful fish and meat even. The ponzu is a blend of soy sauce with orange and lemon juice, plus a bit of crushed red pepper.

The saltiness of the soy sauce with the sweet of the orange juice gives it a superb flavor.

A close second was the wasabi teriyaki. You could use the teriyaki plain, but I wanted a sauce with a bite.

Wasabi is a perfect way to get that!

Nice too, that you can make it as hot as you prefer. If you think your guest won’t want it quite that spicy, you can always have a spoonful of wasabi on the side of the dish for dipping.

The Sriracha was surprisingly good, since I don’t often use it. If you do like Sriracha, I believe you will enjoy this sauce. Again, you can serve dipping sauce with it on the side.

All three sauces give the edamame a slightly different taste without overwhelming the bean itself. It makes a very fun appetizer. Make all three sauces and take your own vote.

Let me know which wins.






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