An Electric Kettle That will Impress all Your Neighbors!

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When I was a child my mum didn’t have an electric kettle, instead she used a special round shaped kettle with a whistle at the end of the spout.

An Electric Kettle That will Impress all Your Neighbors!

She would put that on the stove, and when the water boiled the whistle sounded like an alarm. Many times it actually shot across the kitchen like a bullet! My dog used to chase after it, and it was always a battle to see who could retrieve it first him or us!

Sadly, a more modern electric kettle replaced a few years later. This one had no whistle, but it had an on off automatic switch! That doesn’t seem like a big deal these days, but my mum was so proud of it, and couldn’t believe that it would actually switch itself off.

The first time my dad plugged it into the wall socket and, hard as this is to believe now, we actually waited for the water to boil, and were delighted when the thing started to bubble like crazy and then magically clicked itself off!

I remember the similar excitement when we had our first bright red telephone installed too!

There’s nothing quite like an electric kettle, they boil water very quickly and so speed up cooking time, and they make tea time a synch too. I have never known life without one and so I highly recommend them.

kettle_1They make fantastic gifts because they make life easier and that can’t be bad.

Of course I couldn’t live without mine.
Also, they do have to be replaced in time because old kettles can fill up with lime scale and make the water taste horrible. So a new one is always welcomed.
The kettle I have picked out for you here has been recommended to me by my friend who lives in New York.

kettle2She loves it because it is a state of the art electric kettle with so many special features.

  • It is cordless, has a blue LED light
  • It has a dripless sprout with splash guard
  • It features a keep warm facility, 6 heat settings

So you can make a perfect cup of tea every time. It’s a lovely kettle by all accounts. See the video below for more details.

They Don’t Use Them in Italy!

In the UK everyone has a kettle in the kitchen, which is significant because my mum came here from Italy just after the war, and she had never seen special kettles just for boiling water before.

Even to this day Italians do not typically have electric kettles in their kitchens. They don’t seem to need one! They have espresso coffee machines and every other device imaginable, but not kettles.

When they retired, my parents moved to a beautiful Italian hillside town, a small place with about 500 residents, and they were the only people with an electric kettle. It was a real topic of conversation because Italians are very keen cooks and anything to help them out in the kitchen is always well received.

As time passed and birthdays and Christmases came, my parents gave electric kettles to their friends as presents. And they soon started to trend!

Nowadays we are totally spoiled because everything switches itself on and off automatically – but ironically I often have problems getting my various appliances to actually click on never mind click off!

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kettle_3This is a truly amazing electric kettle that really does guarantee the perfect cup of any kind of tea you care to mention.

Its unique design lifts and lowers the tea into the water and brews it at just the right temperature and time. What a fabulous gift for a tea lover.

See the video below, it really is quite remarkable how things have changed! I wonder what my grandma would have thought of this!

kettle_4This is an amazing electric kettle that boils water very very quickly so it is very economical.

Quite a funky design too. I love it.

See ordering information for all the kettles shown on this page on Amazon by using the links below.


This is an article I wrote called how to make a perfect cup of tea. Put your new kettle to good use! It is how we make tea in the UK!

Do you use an electric kettle? Please leave a comment below. I’m very happy to answer your questions.

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