Electric Leaf Blowers

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Electric Leaf Blowers.

We live on a semi busy street in a quite village in Western New York, surrounded by a lot of big trees. We have a small yard, but after the leaves turn those beautiful colors, of course they fall and cover the yard and clog the rain gutters.

Last year my old trusty leaf blower burned up, I’ve had it for years so I wasn’t too disappointed when it happened.

It was time to find another leaf blower, hopefully as good as the last one. So I began to search for a new one. I had to decide between electric, gas or battery operated. I researched the battery operated first, but wasn’t happy with the reviews on the battery life.

I then set my sites on a gas powered leaf blower, but after using one from my friend, I wasn’t thrilled about how heavy it was and hard to start.

That only left electric, I found the Greenworks 7 Amp and it only weighs 4.5 pounds and has an ergonomic handle for ease for handling, it also has an air speed of 160 MPH.

Greenworks 2


So far I couldn’t be happier, as I not only use it to blow leaves in the fall, I use it to clean my rain gutters several times a year. I made an extension attachment from some leftover down spout and elbows to clean the gutters. Since I live in a one story home it makes it easy to blow out the gutters from the ground, this come in very handy.

I also have a 12 ft. x 35 ft. deck on the back of the house, and with all those trees around we’re constantly cleaning the deck at least a couple of times a week. Using my new Greenworks leaf blower makes short work of this task.

Of course this is my opinion, but I would recommend this product to anybody. Along with another popular brand the Toro Leaf Blower and Vacuum. The vacuum feature is handy for around flower beds and shrubs, as is picks up the leaves and mulches them.



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