Happy Birthday Elvis, RIP Joe Guercio

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Happy Birthday Elvis, RIP Joe Guercio

Elvis Presley passed away on January 8th, 1977. He left this world a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Elvis invented a new musical genre and a revamped world of entertainment, for which many of today’s musical artists owe him a great debt.

He was called The King, because no one ever came near him for talent and ability to sell out a room. He wasn’t perfect, but those of us who loved him, didn’t mind that.

We weren’t perfect either, but he gave us everything when he was onstage.

Today, his friend, musical conductor and director, Joe Guercio joins him in death.

We think it is fitting to remember both of them at the same time.

Read about them here at Happy Birthday Elvis, RIP Joe Guercio.





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