An Exciting Suspense Thriller called Enraged

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An Exciting Suspense Thriller called Enraged

Each book in this page turning series by Brett Battles gets better and better. Isn’t that a credit to an excellent author? Enraged is the seventh in the Jonathan Quinn series. It was so good, I’ve already purchased number eight by Mr. Battles.

When several members of his team are captured and tortured, the Cleaner plans their rescue. You could say the rescue was a success—he saves his team–except that a friend and former associate is killed and the woman Quinn loves is barely alive.

That is only the beginning in this suspense packed thriller. This is the best book I’ve read (or listened to) in a while. It was quite a treat! It is also be my favorite so far by Mr. Battles. I enjoyed it so much that it will go on my list to read again in the near future.

It’s one of those stories where you concentrate so much on how the characters will resolve their current situation, that you wonder if you’ve missed details along the way. Now that I’ve finished it, I would like to hear it again with all the characters already clear in my mind.

Part of the pleasure in the story comes from growing attached to the characters. I’ve read some of the prior books in the series, including the one that started the series. If you haven’t read Brett Battles before, I would definitely begin with book one. Start with The Cleaner,  where we are first introduced to Jonathan Quinn and his team, Orlando and Nathan. I’ve grown to like Jonathan Quinn so much.

Certainly his job makes for a unique hero and an unusual approach. As the “cleaner,” he is hired to clean up a scene, often one where people have been killed. He will make a body disappear or set the scene so authorities will see it as he chooses. He doesn’t kill. At least he doesn’t want to. It’s a unique and clever angle that keeps me tuned in to the book.

Enraged gives us an entertaining glimpse behind the scenes to see the precautions those in the spy/security field take to be prepared for anything. This so appealed to my imagination! Hidden compartments are always fun to explore, even in the pages of a book. From the safe houses and secret rooms, to hidden encoded messages, we are led on a hunt to find one person, one man responsible.

Yet the person–or people–they hunt seem closely tied to the government itself. As they search into the life of Quinn’s former boss, they remain barely a step ahead of those who want to stop them any way they can. Agendas within agendas, employees working for one company, but serving another. It becomes difficult to tell where the line is between good and bad. And then Quinn is taken.

It was a wonderful, suspenseful story. I can’t wait for the next one.


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