Epson Wireless Printer – My Review

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Epson Wireless Printer – My Review

I would like to tell why we love our Epson wireless printer. We had a desk top computer for years, then we finally bought a lap top, and then we finally went with a wireless subscriber.

This was all great because now we could work on our lap top from any where in the house. Now the problem became that every time we needed to print something we had to take the lap top to the printer and plug everything in.


We were shopping one day and saw the Epson XP-300 Series All-in-One Printer (Wireless of course). We looked it over on the shelf, saw the price was under $60.00 and bought it.

We brought it home and I just couldn’t wait to get started, you see I’m one of those people who like to jump right in. On the other hand my wife is a stickler for following step by step instructions.

I remember one Christmas that I had to assemble one of the kid’s gifts, so when I was finished I had one part left over, only to find out that I should have assembled this part in step 2. Oh well that’s just me.

My wife set this set this printer up in about 15 minutes, really she did because I watched her, and she followed the instructions. I can’t tell you all of the technical details of this printer.

What I can tell you is that it’s a printer, copier, and a scanner; it will also print from a memory card. There is another great value here and that is that the cartridges are ½ the cost of our old printer. I can also tell you that the printing quality is excellent.

The Epson Wireless XP-310


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