Finding Nemo, A Review

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Finding Nemo, a Movie You Can Watch Over and Over

I couldn’t resist watching this again once I chose it to review. Just finished, so I am writing this with a smile on my face.

With the holidays here now, movies will be needed for some relax time for kids and adults both. This is still my first choice! Finding Nemo is a new classic in my opinion, and a movie every family should have for their own. A great gift for kids and parents alike. It holds humor, lessons on determination and overcoming fear, love, and loyalty.

Finding Nemo is one of those movies that does makes you smile. Yes, I bought it. No, I don’t have any small children at home. This movie is fun for the whole family and any age. Adults will enjoy it, and more than once I bet. The characters are irresistible. I’ve recommended it to so many adults sans kids too. At first they look at me a little funny, but once they watch it, they understand.


Dory Steals the Show

In the story, a father has grown afraid to venture far from home after losing his mate. His son, Nemo, wants to see what’s out there. When his son is caught in a fishing net and taken away, Dad must find him and his own courage.

The exploits the son goes through, first in a fish tank, then out in the sea, are charming and entertaining. What his dad faces swimming the ocean, encountering sharks, jellyfish and more will have you cheering for him as he takes control of his fear.

When meets up with Dory, you will have to laugh. She is hilarious I think some of the lines are more aimed at adults than kids, so don’t think it won’t appeal to you! You will find yourself speaking whhhaaaallllllle too. You’ll see.

Between the turtle surfer dudes, and the adorable, forgetful Dory, (a show stealer voiced my Ellen DeGeneres), and of course Marlin and Nemo, you will fall in love with the characters. The laugh out loud scenes with Dory speaking whale (and more), the turtles and their families, the seagulls calling ‘mine, mine mine,” the film is very appealing.

The color and animation for the film is amazing and realistic. The DVD has some fun and interesting bonuses to enjoy too. It’s a keeper and a new classic!

Finding Dory, Coming in June of 2016

The story of Finding Nemo involved Nemo and his dad. Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, really stole the show. It was so exciting to hear that a sequel was underway, this one starring Dory. The original cast of characters has agreed to come back, including the fish tank guys, Marlin, and all.

The story is to be about Dory, with her memory issues, deciding to find her family.

The cast makes it sound very fun! There’s Charlie, Dory’s father, Jenny, Dory’s mother, Bailey, a beluga whale, and my favorite so far, a killer whale that is Dory’s adopted sister. It sounds like fun with lots of laughs.

Can’t wait for it to come out!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


The scenes in this movie would have been fun to see even if the movie wasn’t a treat. I’d love to see the technicians who put it together. It’s so fun to see imagination put to such good use! Very lovable movie! And don’t forget part 2.



Can You Resist Dory Speaking Whale?

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