Flannel Shirt Gifts For Women

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Sylish for Autumn and Winter wear

Stylish for Autumn and Winter wear


Here’s the perfect gift for a woman in the Autumn or Winter. When the temperature begins to chill, I sometimes need something on my arms, even while inside. Sweaters and jackets are too warm, and a long sleeve blouse just isn’t enough. That’s when I reach for one of my beloved, soft and well-worn flannel shirts. They’re comfortable and provide just the right amount of warmth. What do you grab when you feel chilled? I find my shirts are just the right fabric weight for me to wear indoors, yet warm enough to run out to the mailbox, or do little outside chores. I don’t know what I did before I got my flannel shirts, they’re the perfect thing! I’ve put a few flannel shirt gifts for women on this page, because they just feel so good and can look so stylish and it’s something she’ll love.

Carhartt Women’s Hamilton Stretch Flannel Button Front Shirt, Dark Red, Large

Flannel: Not Just For Men Anymore

Flannel can be a cool, stylish look if worn the right way as our models show. Flannel isn’t just for men or cowboys any more. Besides, why should we let them have all that comfort to themselves when we can enjoy it too? Most flannel shirts for women are cut to fit us these days so they look stylish and fashionable while being comfortable. Give her a flannel shirt this year, she’ll thank you every time she wears it.

Always Soft and Comfortable

A big factor in the comfort of flannel shirts is that the more they’re washed the more comfortable they get. Good flannel is 100% cotton, and the shirt is cut for comfort or for style, whichever you prefer. I/v gathered several different colors and styles on this page, so you have a great group to choose from. And if none of these catch your eye, you can find other colors and styles with a click on any of them.

Women’s Mid Long Style Roll Up Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt C001 Classic Red US Size L (Lable Size 3XL)

A Gift For Your Lady?

If she has expressed a desire for a soft, comfy flannel shirt to slip on when she’s chilly, make sure you get a color she likes. Nothing is worse for a woman than to receive a wonderful, colorful flannel shirt…in a color she hates! So if she likes red, shop until you get that. It’s a girl thing, I know. But color can make a woman feel better and beautiful, or make her feel like an ugly drudge. Check out the colors and sizes to make sure they’re right, before making your purchase.

Dickies Women’s Herringbone Flannel Shirt, Plaid Freesia Raspberry, X-Large

If your lady wants washable material make sure you don’t get the wrong fabric. You want to make sure whatever you buy is 100% washable. Check what it’s made of on the label. If it doesn’t say washable, chances are it isn’t! You can be sure if it’s cotton that it’s washable. But will it shrink? Check and see if it’s pre-shrunk, because cotton is notorious for shrinking after washing and drying. Sometimes a flannel shirt can be a mixture of acrylic and cotton. You can be sure those won’t shrink but always check the label for special care before buying to be sure what you’re getting.

Woolrich Women’s The Pemberton Plaid Flannel Shirt, Dark Ash Buffalo, Medium

HURLEY Wilson Womens Hooded Flannel Shirt, Teal Blue, X-Large

Looking for a flannel shirt with a hood? Gotcha covered here! The Hurley Wilson shirt above and the Solilor shirt below are two of the cutest shirts I’ve seen. When you’re out in a breezy day, just flip up the hood to stay warm and keep the wind out of your hair and ears. Two styles shown; one fitted, one relaxed. Oh and if you’re looking for a different color, when you click on an item it takes you to a page of all the colors available in that style, so you have many to choose from.

Solilor Women Classic Plaid Cotton Hoodie Button-up Shirts, L, Gray [Apparel]


Speaking of color, look at this beautiful amethyst hued flannel shirt! If this is the kind of color you’re looking for, you’ve just found it! This is one of my favorite colors and I’d grab this one in a heartbeat! Browse each page as long as you like, there are many styles, colors and sizes to keep you busy for some time.

Blair Women’s Plus Size Cotton Flannel Shirt – 2XL Amethyst



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  1. I’ve loved wearing flannel shirts for decades and often use them as light jackets. I used to get them from Land’s End in solid colors. My favorites were navy, light yellow, and pink. A family member stole the yellow and pink ones and I discovered I could no longer buy them. I guess manufacturers think women only want plaids now. I wish they would make solid colors available again.

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