Creating the perfect bedroom with Frank Fontana

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Let Frank Fontana help you create the perfect bedroom

Frnk FontanaPlease don’t misunderstand when I say ‘creating the perfect bedroom with Frank Fontana’. All I mean by this is that this designer can help you, via his tips, to create your perfect sleeping space.

I do understand though. If you’re familiar with Frank’s TV show then you’ll know that Mr Fontana looks as though he would be the perfect addition to a bedroom (those biceps!) but I’m trying to keep my hormones under control here and talk about his design abilities.

And I’ll try to get through this article without further reference to Mr Fontana’s hunkiness.

As he says, so many people today have trouble sleeping and it’s easy to turn to medication to solve the problem. That’s all well and good but the right bedroom – with the right relaxing atmosphere – can help to promote the restful sleep you need.

Not only that, waking up in your perfect ‘nest’ is a wonderful way to start the day.

One of the problems for many people is the fact that their bedroom simply hasn’t been considered in this way. If the room is cluttered,
unattractive and has reminders of your busy working day then true relaxation will never be possible. Frank Fontana specialises in low-budget room makeovers so you can be sure that turning your room into a haven of relaxing won’t break the bank. Your room simply needs a new energy, harmony and balance.

In his book, you’ll find simple-to-do, inexpensive (even free) tips to make the most of what some would consider to be the most important room in your home. It’s full of practical ideas that are easy to do yourself – you don’t have to be a handyman or an expert at DIY to make the most of his suggestions. His advice extends to your kids’ rooms too. Here’s a great quote:

“A better bedroom means a better day, every day. Help yourself out by keeping serenity in and chaos out”.

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