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From Books to Movies

Fantasy movies for children and adults have always been popular. When I was growing up there is the ever famous Wizard of Oz, and still going today.

On the mythical Viking Island of Berk, the dragons tormented the Vikings, ruining crops and stealing their livestock. The Vikings were in constant battle with the dragons, until the Viking King’s son Hiccup changes all of this. The villagers and dragons now live in harmony and help each other.

This is a brief story line of the animated films by DreamWorks, How to Train Your Dragon released in 2010, and How to Train Your Dragon2, released in 2014.

These two movies were box office hits, but who was the mastermind behind these amazing fantasy stories?

British children’s author Cressida Cowel is that mastermind. Cressida was born in 1966 and grew up in London. As a child her family would spend a couple of weeks on a small uninhabited island off the west coast of Scotland. There was no electricity, no houses and certainly no cell phones back then.

Her father finally built a small stone house on the island where they would spend most of their summers. The stone house was lit by candle-light, and this is when Cressida began to draw and write stories about Vikings and Dragons at a very early age.

Cressida went to University to study English, and also went on to art school where she has a degree in graphic design and illustration.

Her first children’s book was published in 1998. In 2002 Cressida began to write a series of books called How to Train Your Dragon, based on her writings as a child on the island. She now has twelve books in the series.

This is where DreamWorks Animation comes into the picture, and takes the pages of Cressida Cowel’s books to life.

Read more about the movies here.

A complete gift set of books from the author Cressida Cowell that inspired the movies:


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. My daughter and son-in-law (both artists in the Science Fiction and Fantasy field and fans of such) absolutely LOVE this series of books and movies.

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    • Thanks Pat, we loved it the the very first movie we saw. Her books are outstanding!!

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  2. I enjoy reading books from which movies have sprung. I prefer to read the story first before watching it, but that doesn’t always happen. I’ll keep this one tucked away until my inner child needs to come out and play again. Have a successful new year.

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  3. I must see these movies. The animation looks fantastic, which is half the fun these days. Thanks for reminding me of them. Isn’t it fun to learn how the author got her start? Enjoyable read.

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    • Thanks Merry I’m glad you liked it, the movies are a must see and so much fun.

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