Frosted Cherry Squares

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9722403_f520At your next party, you will want to include these Frosted Cherry Squares as one of your dessert options. Whether you need a pretty dish to serve at your event, or simply want something to please your family, these are sure to satisfy.

These bar like treats are contest winners as well as one of my most requested recipes. If you don’t like cherries, you could try it with apple or lemon pie filling instead. It is an fast recipe to mix up, easily in the oven in twenty minutes. Once baked and cooled, simply drizzle glaze frosting over the top, and you are set. When they are done, cut them into small servings.

They go very quickly at potlucks, partly because they look delightful, partly because they are easy to pick up and eat. As perfect as they are for a large group, I enjoy making a batch and freezing them in larger squares. They freeze and thaw beautifully, and I can cut them into servings for smaller gatherings, family dinners, or anytime I am in the mood for a tasty treat.

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Frosted Cherry Squares



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