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For most of us here in Western New York grilling season has ended. There are some people here that will keep grilling through the winter months, I’m not one them. You may live in an area where grilling season is all year long, and that is fantastic.

So for us, every year when spring finally does arrive we get busy cleaning up the yard, and the deck in preparation for a new summer season. This is the time of year we break out the grill and prepare for another fun grilling season.

Now the big question, do you prefer charcoal or gas grilling? I have to be honest with you I do prefer cooking on charcoal, but with our busy schedules and after a long day of work it is difficult to come home a fire up the charcoal.

Ribs on the grill

So why not have the best of both worlds. Gas offers the convenience of just coming home and pushing a button and we’re ready to cook, as you know charcoal is a little more work and time.

Some grills offer charcoal and gas combinations, but I already have a small charcoal grill, and when we have more time like on a weekend we use the charcoal grill. For our gas grill option we found the Huntington Gas Grill (Made in the USA) to be a great choice, we have had this grill now for the last three years and it still operates like new.

After finding this Huntington Gas Grill on sale a few years ago, we decided to go for it. This is a perfect fit for us, as most of the time it’s just the two us.

We bought it at a local hardware store and received a free grill cover, a set of barbeque tools, free assembly, and a $20.00 gift card. Wow!! What a bargain.

Now we have the option of both, so after a busy day we can come home and still enjoy cooking on the grill, and on weekends when there is more time we like to fire up the charcoal.

You can find some of my grilling recipes here.


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