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The Day I Met George Burns

How Did I Manage to Meet George Burns? Read on…..


Photo of Mr. Burns and the author, presented to me Courtesy of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV for my own personal family album.

In the 1980s I met Entertainer and Legend George Burns at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He was signing his book, “Gracie: A Love Story,” and as the Assistant to the Entertainment Director of the Las Vegas SUN, I went to greet him and have a chat.

My department did all the SUN newspaper advertising for Caesars, and we wanted to give the red carpet treatment to this comedy legend.

George, at this time of his life was getting frail, but he still had the wit and the charm he’d always had.

The Caesars staff were their usual courteous and amenable folks and made sure to provide a comfy spot for him to do his autographing. Of course, he was also appearing there in two shows a night.

George was a funny man, telling his tales of life with Gracie Allen, his wife of 38 years before she died in 1964 from a heart attack. His book tells of all the ways Gracie made his life funnier, happier and actually more prosperous. He credits her with his rise to stardom.

Burns and Allen – Perfect Comedy Team


George Burns ~ The Author – Gracie – A Love Story


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This is another copy of the book that George Burns autographed for me the day I met him at Caesars. It’s a funny, loving and poignant story, of his life with Gracie Allen.

He was the “straight man,” to her funny nonsensical charm.

They called it “illogic logic,” when she said such things as “I was so surprised at being born that I didn’t speak for a year and a half,” (from page 17, Gracie A Love Story.)

But the best things were from the back-and-forth repartee between them.


Source: Photo Courtesy of Judy Schweitzer, from the book given to me by George Burns

Example: George: “Gracie did the maid ever drop you on your head when you were a baby?” Gracie: “Don’t be silly George, we couldn’t afford a maid. My mother had to do it,” (from page 19, Gracie A Love Story.) This book is full of funny stories, but mostly ones that show his love for Gracie. Burns always gives her the credit for their show being the hit that it was. It’s a book you’ll love reading, especially if you loved George Burns and Gracie Allen.

George autographed a book for me, and made me laugh!


Photograph courtesy Allen Warren via Wikipedia

The RUSH to Caesar’s Palace


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The visit to Caesars was an unexpected one. We knew Burns was to be in town performing there, but did not know he was going to hold a book signing until the last moment. When we were notified, of course we wanted to cover it. We had already heard this was a book about Gracie, the love of his life, so we were happy to be going to the signing. When it came our time to talk with him, we spent probably a good 20 to 30 minutes with him as he signed books for fans, and we talked in between signings.

When he said he was autographing one for me, I said, “But I don’t have one with me, we had no time to stop.” He reached into a book bag (honestly!) pulled one out and said, “I’m always prepared to autograph my books for pretty girls.” I laughed, and he signed it “To Nancy, My Best, George Burns,” and handed it to me. I’ve treasured it since then, along with the photo of the two of us. I keep the book in a safe place and the photo on the wall of my office, to remember the good times.

Gracie – A Love Story – George Burns – 1988

Lots of stories to tell, from living a long life.


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Nobody can tell stories like George Burns. He always had such a way of making the story seem interesting but inconsequential, until the final moments of laughter. This book of 100 Stories in 100 Years is filled with his funny way of looking at everyday life. Words, to George, were the best way to poke fun at himself, along with Gracie’s help of course.

100 Years 100 Stories

A Quick Biography – Of One Of America’s Greatest Comedians

George Burns Bio

George Burns was born Nathan Birnbaum on January 20, 1896 in New York City. He was the ninth of 12 children born to Jewish immigrants from Romania. His mother passed away at an early age from an influenza epidemic and “Nattie” as he was known, went to work at various menial jobs to help support the family. While working in a candy shop at the age of seven, Burns and fellow co-workers used to use their free time singing and harmonizing current songs. After someone gave them a few coins to perform, he knew show business was the thing for him.

Burns began in Vaudeville, then went on to become a top comedian, an Oscar winning actor, and a best selling author of 10 books, before he passed away on March 9, 1996, 49 days after his 100th birthday. He always gave the credit for his rise in show business to his partner and wife, Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen.
Here’s a recent biography of George Burns you might be interested in, compiled by Charles River Editors.

American Legends: The Life of George Burns


George Burns tells funny and touching stories – of his many friends, both living and dead.

He was friends with some of the greats of early show business, including Al Jolson, Fanny Brice, Jack Benny, the Marx Brothers and more. He also had friends of the more current variety such as Walter Matthau, Bobby Darin, Ann-Margaret and Brooke Shields. On the anecdotes he tells in this book, he says “Most of what I said is true. The rest is show business.”

George Burns: All My Best Friends by George Burns (1989-11-06)

Want to know more about George Burns and Gracie Allen? – Here are links for more on this fascinating couple.

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  1. I have a copy of that book sitting on my shelf now, but mine isn’t autographed. It is a first printing in good condition. I think this is a good time to read it. I could use a few laughs this week.

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  2. George Burns is definitely missed in my household. It is neat that you were able to meet him.

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  3. Oh Nancy how amazing that you actually met George Burns, and have a signed book. Not to mention a beautiful picture of you and George. Thanks for this wonderful story, I’m a huge fan of George Burns and you 🙂

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  4. I’ve always been a fan of George Burns. More recently, I’m a fan of yours!

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  5. I watched George and Gracie’s show on TV when I was a kid and remember how lovingly George always spoke about Gracie. I enjoyed his portrayal as God in the movie “Oh, God”. So wonderful that you had a chance to meet him, get a signed copy of his book and a photo with him, too!

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