Yes, you can get married on Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Do you need permission to get married on Fort Lauderdale Beach?

IMG_3069You don’t even need a permit if you want to exchange your vows on Fort Lauderdale’s gorgeous beach.

It’s a wonderful place for a destination wedding – and the honeymoon,of course. Your guests will also love travelling to the sunshine and beautiful climate that South Florida has to offer.

One of the best times of the day to marry on the beach is just as the sun is rising. This is invariably beautiful and is so symbolic.

Just as the sunrise is greeting a new day, then if you marry on the beach at dawn, it is also shining on your new lives together.

Same sex marriage is also possible in Florida, having been made legal in January, 2015.

It’s a terribly romantic option but it’s also very cost-effective – why not save your money? But it isn’t a compromise. I can’t think of any affordable wedding venue that could provide you with such a dramatic backdrop.

On a purely practical level, the beach is almost deserted at that time.

9653669_f520Although you’re unlikely to be able to host hundreds of guests at your beach wedding, smaller groups and comfortably be accommodated. Or you might just choose to have your own private wedding with just the official or celebrant in attendance, like the couple in the photograph.

Speaking of photographs, make sure that you have someone present who will be able to capture the event for you. iPhone photographs are a great idea because they can be uploaded instantly to social media.

That way, friends and family who are not attending will be able to share your special occasion.

After the ceremony itself, there are countless venues in the area – many within easy walking distance – where you can celebrate the day.

You can find tips here for a Fort Lauderdale beach wedding.











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