Things No One Tells You About Getting Older!

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10 Things No One Tells You About Getting Older!

Everyone is getting older every day! Aging is a Fact of Life!

So many times I can remember looking at older people and wondering what it was going to be like when I was their age, and guess what? I’m there now!

The funniest part of this whole scenario, is that when I was younger, I probably thought those “older” people I was looking at, were maybe in their 40’s or 50’s. The ones that were in their 70’s, well they were just beyond my imagination at that time in my life. Funny how things change when it is you, that has become that “older” person.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy that I have made it this far, and I truly hope to see many more years, but I couldn’t help myself when my Sweetling and I started to notice things changing in us, around us and got me to thinking about all those things that people never ever tell you about aging……..

leadTake a look around you and what do you see?

You see a lot of Middle Aged and Older People!

While all of us are getting older, one day at a time, most of us still feel like we are young! How young? Well, I guess that depends on what you have done in your life, how well you feel and your outlook on getting older!

Most of us Baby Boomers don’t feel as old as we might look!

Let me tell you a little story! When my sweetling and I first bought our house, we decided that we wanted something close to our families, so when the “house” came up for sale, we bought it! We were the youngest couple on the block and many times we thought we had made a mistake in buying a house in an area where all the people were “old”. The funny thing was that many of the “old” people that lived around us, loved the fact that there was some new life in the neighborhood!

We were the only ones with kids, busy kids that would sometimes make a lot of noise! We were also the parent’s that insisted that our kids brought their friends to our house. We were involved with our children’s upbringing and wanted to know who they were hanging around with! The summertime parties were great, with bbq’s and baseball games at the local school and always on a long weekends! Our house was teaming with kids. Our “old” neighbors didn’t mind the kids, because sweetling and I were there to supervise, we also made sure that every kid was polite to the neighbors and to each other. So we never had any problems with the kids (ours and everyone else’s)! There were no fights, no swearing and no disrespect to anyone allowed. The kids approved, if they wanted to stay and hang out and it helped us to relive some of our youth!

Now our children are grown and we still feel like we are in our 40’s! We are long past that age though! So why didn’t anyone tell us that more than likely, when our kids were having fun, the neighbors got to feel like they were 40 again too!

No one told us that!

Aging is not for the Faint Hearted, but there are great books to help make the process easier! – Or make the process more enjoyable!

Aging is a gift in a way, so we have to be able to accept it as such. There are ways that will make aging easier and one of the most basic of these is ATTITUDE!



The Wonder of Aging: A New Approach to Embracing Life After Fifty
In your earlier years, you would be attending weddings and christenings, now all of a sudden, there are funerals, but there is still a lot of life too!






The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully
A spiritual approach to aging and the aging process. Life is a gift in all it’s forms.





Aging: The Fulfillment of Life
A Christian perspective on Life, Aging and the Eternal to come.







A Treasury of Senior Humor: Jokes, Cartoons, Funny Stories — For And About Us Older Folks
There is a lot of humor to getting older, hang onto that, it will help you get there in a much better mood!




We’re Not There Yet!: A Lighthearted Outlook on Aging from a Senior Who Is Still Enjoying the Journey, Still Smelling the Roses, and Picking Daisies Along the Way
Life is to be enjoyed at all it’s different stages, learn how to still enjoy the beauty that is there!






Things that were, are not anymore!

This is true for many things, but especially things regarding the body!

Without becoming too graphic, let’s just say that after 50 plus years of gravity working on you, things that were “up there” are now headed for a holiday down south. This goes for boobs and butts, chins and skin in general…….That underlying layer in the skin is loosing the elasticity it had when it was just 20 or 30! This is a fact for everyone, but more so for those who have tended to gain weight or not take proper care of them selves.

We also tend to develop “wings” where we once had nice firm upper arms. The creases in our eyes become more pronounced and to make us feel better about it, we call them laugh lines!

As we age, our bodies change as well. Things start to wear out! Our feet start to hurt, our joints and muscles aren’t as willing to work as hard as they did when they were younger. Why is that?

Anti-aging products, that may or may not work! – People are so afraid of aging that it has become a multi-million dollar industry.

Look in the mirror and what do you see? Beauty is only skin deep, character is developed and nurtured by life lived well.




Image Skin Care Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum 1.7 oz
There are serums and potions galore for your skin to look like it’s not aging, but it still is!







100% Pure Cosmetics – Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream, 1 Fl Oz Cream
Would you rather enjoy your coffee or spread it under your eyes?







Under Armour-Men’s Heatgear Sleeveless Compression T-Shirt Tops -Royal/White-XX-Large
This will help the man in your life, tuck in what has become untucked by nature.







Counterclockwise: My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones, Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-aging
Can you turn back the hands of time? I’d rather age gracefully and accept life as a Gift!







Our Eyes and our Ears, Heart and Lungs, even our Bladders have changed!

So aging doesn’t just happen on the outside, darn it all, the insides are getting older too!

As a child I can remember being mesmerized by some really “old” ladies. They were sitting at an outdoor café, having a great time and I remember one of them saying, “Stop making me laugh so hard! You know what’s going to happen!” I went home and told my mom what had happened, and she not having reached that point in her life, could not explain what that was all about, and the looks, winks and more laughter that ensued after the comment was made.

Heck, I know what they are talking about now! I’ll be darned if I get into a rowdy bunch of my friends and laughter breaks out, even worse, some of my friends have absolutely wicked senses of humor! So when they see you start to panic, as the level of laughter rises, the ante up the stakes! Now I know why my sweetling, when asked if he’s having a good time, always replies, “DEPENDS!” No one ever told you about that too!

Then there’s the eyesight, the hearing and all those other senses!

I never wore glasses as a child, never wore glasses as an adult, but remember the day when a client of mine said, “Just wait till you hit forty, you won’t be able to thread a needle without a magnifying glass. (I was a seamstress and could thread a needle behind my back without looking). The day I turned 40, just for fun, I got out some of the smallest eyed sewing needles I had and tried and tried and tried to thread them. Well, I passed that test, the whole day I was beaming like a kid in a candy shop! The following week, I started to have problems threading my needles…………wait a minute! So at 40 plus a week, I started to wear glasses, just for reading and close up work. At 50 they became bifocals and now, well I won’t even go there! Suffice it to say that I can’t get out of bed without my glasses on my face! Sheesh, no one ever told me about that either!

Then there’s the hearing, especially today with cell phones that ring and vibrate and all that good stuff! Don’t expect me to answer my calls on the first ring, second ring or third ring. First it will take me that long to find out where my phone is, and then it will take that many rings for me to figure out what in tarnation is ringing and then I might remember how to actually accept a call on that phone. Give me my old rotary dial, wire attached and earpiece the size of a watermelon telephone any day of the week! Bet no one ever told you about that either!

Nowadays I can’t even consider doing a stair climb for charity, a walk around the block might wind me, depending on the size of the block! So much for being born in the age of smoking is cool! Nowadays I do the Aquafit, because your bones still need exercise, but your joints can’t take the punishment! If I could I would pretzel my way through Yoga, but I’m thinking Tai Chi is about as far as my body will go.

Wise and Sage Comments about Aging – You may want to come back here for another laugh or two, or some really good advice.

Here is the truth about aging and attitude! Enjoy!

I love what this woman has to say about aging and living life to it’s fullest in whatever situation you are in!

Too funny, this song hits on a million different ways you change as you age……

Laughter at any age makes that age the best, don’t forget to laugh, because it may be the only thing that will keep you going.

My body like an old car is calling out:

If it moves and it shouldn’t use DUCT TAPE, and if it doesn’t move and it should, get out the WD-40!

It might even help her pacemaker keep up!




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