Gift and Storage Ideas:  Full Length Mirror Storage

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Full Length Behind The Door Storage

Here is the one storage piece that started out my storage search. The Classic Deluxe Behind Door Storage from Cabidor.  A full length mirror that offers full lengths of storage.  An excellent medicine cabinet—perfect if you have a product collector in your family. Teens? Wife?

And it’s not just women these days.  Men too have discovered the pleasure of product accumulation.  It would hold back ups of shampoos, soaps, towels, or whatever.

Close it against the door and you have an attractive full length mirror—something we always seem to need anyway.  It’s available without a mirror too, if you prefer.

It would be handy in a bathroom, a kitchen, or even your bedroom.  Imagine all the uses, and so handy to have it all together in one place.

It also suits for apartment dwellers.  It mounts on the door hinges, so it doesn’t take up floor space. It can be removed and taken along should you move.   And if you are in a small space, this would be wonderful space for all sorts of storage.

NOTE:  You do need 4 inches behind the door for the cabinet to mount correctly.

The full length version measures 70 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 4 inches deep.  Besides a very pretty mirror, you will find 8 adjustable shelves, 4 fixed shelves and 12 retention rods to hold taller items in place.  You’ll notice it is not as wide as the door, but 16 inches still gives you lots of space.

The company makes a smaller version as well, that is 35 inches tall, though it seems like if you want extra storage, you may as well go the full size.

If you have a do-ir-yourself-er in your family, I also ran across a wall mounted storage cabinet you could build and mount.  It has a mirror too.  You would still have the benefit of its movability, though some patching would no doubt be needed.  Still, it is an easy way to gain a lot of shelving!  You can check it out here on Shanty 2 Chic.

It is one more excellent way to fit some additional storage into a small space or any space. Is there ever enough storage?


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Author: Merry Citarella

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