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National Geographic–Always a First Choice

A favorite gift I love to give to any age is a book. That is easy to pick for adults, but for children, it has to be something that will fascinate so they will be pleased to read it over and over again.  At the same time, I hope it will be something to inspire learning.   One thing children of all ages enjoy is a book of dinosaurs.   There is something about the dinosaur that draws children to pour over the pages of a good book, learning all they can.

That is when National Geographic comes to mind.

Little Kids First Books….

While I was looking for a selection for a young friend of mine, I was amazed how many books National Geographic had available for children.  They offer different levels too, which is so smart.  You can start young ones out with their “First Big Book” selection for ages 4 and up.  I imagine younger children too would enjoy the books and the wonderful photos and drawings—you can read it to them while they learn.

Besides several that combine all sorts of subjects like the one here, you can get specific with the ocean, animals, dinosaurs, outer space…there are lots of different topics to spark their interest.  You can find a wonderful selection of subjects for the most discerning  young taste.

National Geographic Readers

The next level up you will find the National Geographic Reader series,  suggested for ages 5 and up, but again, younger children would love them too!  There is a huge variety of these books for so many interests.

You have some standards like dolphins, the solar system, rocks and minerals, then you have a selection that may be even more appealing to that age:  Sharks, snakes, the deadliest animals, mummies, spiders and more.  Specific animals like penguins and polar bears, critters like frogs, lizards, and butterflies.  The fascinating, like meteors, volcanoes, storms and weather.

Each book is good for reading, yet still contains wonderful photos and appealing pages.  Books such as these fulfill so many goals. They inspire interest in science of all different forms. That can lead to a lifetime interest whether a career or a hobby.

The Almanacs

For older children, you will want to check out the Almanacs.  They come out every year, but even the older issues would be fascinating.  They are full length books, generally over 300 pages filled with facts, big and small.  Even those who don’t enjoy reading as much will likely be drawn to the unusual subjects.  One book might lead to another…

When you have some kids who just don’t enjoy reading, National Geographic is an important addition to your library.  Pick a subject your child wants to know more about, and see if it doesn’t grab his interest.  A book like this can be read in bits too, and still offers so many hours of enjoyment.

You will find so many more to choose from than you might expect.  All beautifully designed, filled with facts to fascinate, on almost any subject that might interest your child.  I hope you will include several on their next gift list.  Do enjoy the books with them too.  Their interest is often linked to yours, you know.

An interest in reading is invaluable. You can learn most anything in a book. Some children love it without much encouraging. Others may need the incentive of a particular interest.  Here’s a opportunity for them to thoroughly enjoy learning about the subject.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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