Gift Ideas:  Emergency Dynamo Charger/Radio

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Emergency Dynamo Solar Self Powered Radio, Flashlight,  & Charger for Cell Phones: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Smartphone, USB device

We’ve reviewed solar chargers,  small back up chargers for cell phones, and most recently a charger that works on a bicycle as you pedal.

Since emergency power is sometimes needed, I am in favor of a variety of chargers.  Which is why the solar, self powered charger here is an essential to include.

The Emergency Dynamo Charger featured here happens to be a two pack, which is handy.  Nice to have one for each car, or one for car and one for home or for your emergency kit.  It is designed to be a charger for USB devices, but is also a flashlight and an AM/FM/WB(NOAA) radio.

What I like best about this model is that it can be hand cranked.  When all else fails, when there is no power, and perhaps insufficient sunlight, you can know you will not be totally without power.  An added feature is that you needn’t crank continually for a charge.  If you crank it for a few minutes, you can stop.  That time will give you flashlight, radio, or a number of cell phone minutes (number varies).

When you need to charge the unit itself,  you can use solar, hand cranking, or the USB cable to charge it through your computer.

Cable and Adaptors Included Too

It comes with a short USB cable, and a variety of adaptors too.  It is lightweight (9 ounces) making it easy to carry or travel with.

With any portable charger,  it does charge more slowly than a power cord, especially when it comes to an cell phone vs an iPad.  But if you have no access to power, this will provide radio, including the weather band, a bright flashlight, and charges for your USB technology.

Maybe I’m reading too many futuristic or dystopian novels, but there is so often talk of what might happen should the nation or world suffer from an electronic disaster like a solar flare.  Hopefully it will never happen, but it can’t hurt to have something like this on hand in case.

For a more immediate use, it would be handy hiking, camping, cycling, and more.  It is a very good buy for the double product and variety of uses. Several will be going to family this year at Christmas time.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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