Gifts and Ideas for Storage Lovers:  Hidden Storage

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Hidden Storage:  Baskets

Simplifying sometimes means serious downsizing too.  For most of us that is a work in progress. The continuing goal is to get rid of  excess stuff, but there is a ways to go.  One of the disadvantages to a smaller space—though it might really be a good thing—is less storage.

I love storage.  I’m drawn to anything with drawers, compartments or shelves.  Still when you get down to a one or two bedroom home, chances are the bath and kitchen are somewhat smaller too.

While the solution may be to thin even more, there will always be things we need to have around.  And some of those things are much less expensive when purchased in bulk.  Paper towels, napkins, and tissues are just a few examples.  So we will always need some storage for back up supplies.  That is what led me to several storage ideas that are good for multi-use.  They hide what they hold, yet look decorative around the house wherever you need them.

Even if you have plenty of space, baskets make lovely and practical decor pieces.

Stacking Baskets

My favorite storage find is a set of covered baskets.  Any kind of baskets actually.  They don’t even need to match.  They are so handy and movable.  Covered is my first choice because then they easily stack.  That saves floor space and provides a surface on the top.

We have three that make a perfect end table for occasional use, holding a tray or a plate or a glass.  Inside each is extras of various necessary items. The largest holds six rolls of spare paper towels.  It’s a great way to keep the spare rolls hidden yet nearby.  Another holds kitchen towels.

If you don’t need a little end table, you can imagine all the uses for them.  In the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and especially the bath.  Not only handy but very decorative with towels rolled up in them.  And again, since they only need the floor space of one, they take up little room.

Laundry Essentials Too

Don’t forget the laundry room either, though you may prefer baskets without lids there.  I would put a liner in them first, especially if using them for liquids.  Then laundry essentials, cleaning products, and all the little odds and ends that collect there, are nearly hidden from view.  It not only looks better, it feels cleaner with them contained in some fashion.

There is a huge variety of styles to choose from.  You can find a more tailored style in cloth, rattan suitcases that stack, round, large and small.

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