Gifts and Ideas for Storage Lovers:  More Hidden Storage

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When I began looking for hidden storage ideas, baskets were my first find.  I love their portability and their need for little floor space.  Besides that selection, which you can see here,  I found several other wonderful ideas that I plan to incorporate when I need further storage space.

If you love storage, you may have had similar thoughts…

Under the Bed

Sometimes I wonder why we ever buy beds that don’t have storage beneath them.  I admit, I don’t have any beneath mine.  Yet every single time I vacuum and have trouble reaching way under the bed, I ask myself why. The space is a prime dust collector that is hard to get to.

It’s a natural place to store anything…Extra linens and bedding, off season clothes, like heavy sweaters and coats, handbags, shoes, even back up products for kitchen or bathroom use.

It is nice that they make a variety of cases that enable you to use the space, even if the built in ones are more efficient.  You can get actual drawers now, zippered cases, or the plastic variety.  The key is getting something that will slide easily when you need to pull it out.

Not Just a Foot Stool

Another why on earth question relates to ottoman.  An ottoman like the one pictured above is delightful to rest your tired feet or to hold a tray with drinks or snacks.  Usually they are square or rectangular shapes two feet or more in length, and nearly that in depth.

Why does anyone manufacture then without storage space inside?  Again, it’s a handy place for any number of items, from games to pillows or throws, to tablecloths or pet supplies.  Many are big enough to hold all of the items. It is so nice to know it is all in one place, and a super convenient place at that.

Coffee Tables & Sofa Consoles

I’m in favor of coffee tables and end tables that can be used as storage too (and TV stands).  Why not use the space?  If you don’t like solid, you can always get one that features a drawer.

Same with a sofa console.  They look so pretty behind a couch, but unless you see it and want one to hold decor items, this is another spot you can easily have bookshelves or closed storage.  Its top surface will hold lamp, coasters for drinks, or whatever, while the rest of the space is usable as well.

What About the Kitchen?

We haven’t even considered the kitchen.  It may be a bit harder to hide things in the kitchen since much of it is already in cabinets, but to help make the most of space, you can see several ideas below.

Hanging pots and pans, if you have wall space, will free up a cupboard or two for other things.  Double your shelf space with pull out metal shelves attached inside a deep cabinet.  There are lots of ways to add a little extra space.

Consider what you most need space for, then browse the wonderful choices you can find here. 







Look around you for small spaces that can be better used.  Then check out the solutions that are offered.  There are so many great–and attractive–ideas.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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