Gifts and Storage Ideas: Hiding Places

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Secret Stashes

This time we are going to look at actual containers to hide things.  These would be useful in small spaces or large, depending what you are looking to have out of sight.  It isn’t really for additional storage, but instead an extra security precaution you can take to protect some valuables.

There are some fantastic multi-use products now.  Some practical, some for security, some for actual hiding places.  All designed to fit into your home easily.  Many are wall mounted too, so they don’t take floor space. Handy if you are living in a smaller space.

Next you have the fun ones, like a fake WD-40 can or the familiar rock to set outside your home to hold an emergency key.

It’s fun to look at them and consider what you would secure within them.  As a gift idea, they can be handy for anyone’s use.

Being a mystery lover, naturally these appealed to me.  I can imagine all sorts of things to hide within.

A Classic Dictionary

Do you have a lock on your dictionary? That doesn’t sound like the way to encourage higher learning.  In this case, you won’t find definitions inside, but an empty space to keep money or something else you want hidden away.

When one thinks of a burglary, it seems like the obvious is sought and taken.  Their goal (usually) is to get in and out quickly, right?  So who is going to stop to look at books?  I doubt they would need to look up a word.

Which is probably why this is a bestseller on Amazon.  Compact, average in appearance so it won’t draw attention, and a great place to hide emergency funds or treasures.

Hidden Gun Shelf

Of a more serious nature, but still an attractive solution is this lovely shelf that opens up to hold a gun.

First, while this does have a magnetic lock,  it would not be appropriate if you have small children.

That said, the Covert Cabinet is a product made in America.  When closed, no hinges or latches show.  The shelf doesn’t drop open, it will allow for slow opening.  The shelf itself is stylish, a nice size that is perfect for a plant, and attractive for any room.

I don’t mean to express any opinion about guns, but thought this was a very clever way to keep them hidden but handy.

A Clock Safe

This charming clock is only one of several that has space for hidden storage.  Passports, cash, jewelry, keys…you know what you would store inside.

Pretty, useful as a clock, and an unlikely place for anyone to think to look for hidden treasures.

As with the shelf above, it fastens magnetically, though there is no lock. You can see in the photo how it folds down.  Easy access, yet so discreet, it won’t be noticed, except for how nice it looks.  I can picture it on a fireplace mantle.

You can get a variety of wall mounted clocks too if you prefer.

There is a surprisingly fun selection, from soda cans to mirrors containing jewelry. Many would make fun gifts if not invaluable ones.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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