Gifts For Dinosaur Lovers: Toys

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Dinosaurs For All Ages

Dinosaur lovers have their own refined preference when it comes to playtime.   So many children of all ages are entranced by the  various types, reciting their attributes and identifying them easily from reading their books.  Just as some kids enjoy little hot wheels, fans of the T-Rex enjoy little toys they can hold and play with.

We have covered some beautiful gift ideas here, including cute outfits for baby. We have provided the best book choices here to encourage their quest for knowledge.  Now, what about playtime?

Remote Controlled Dinosaurs!

Knowing the fondness and since I am all for toys that encourage children to learn, I went on a search for some toys to add fun to the process.  What a surprise I found.  There are even remote controlled dinosaurs, like the very cool T-Rex above.  I fell in love with these.  The don’t look like mechanical robots, not that those aren’t fun too.  But these look so realistic (if a bit smaller than the reality).

You can find Triceratops, like the one pictured below, and Megasaur, to name a few.  Can’t you picture how much fun children will have with these?  They are battery operated, but still recommended for ages 6 and above.  Why not have little toy dinosaurs to show and share along with their knowledge.

An Archeology Experience

Another favorite of mine is the Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs Kit.  First your child can dig up the bones, carefully brushing off the soil using proper archeological tools naturally, then there are instructions to assemble the bones.

It is recommended for children 8 and above, but with supervision younger children will enjoy it too. There are small parts that could cause choking, so be sure an adult plays along with the little ones.   Hours of fun with so much to experience.

Lots More Fun

It is a wonderful thing to see our children and grandchildren tell us all about a particular dinosaur. Even in young children, the huge extinct creatures are something that Inspires deeper learning. You will see kids pour over books, studying the pictures included along with descriptions and habitats. It is interesting how fans will read and reread books about each, often to the point of memorization.

Besides those books that are essentials for any gift list, you can find stamp sets, plush dinosaurs your child can snuggle while sleeping, play set figures, and even floor mats that provide a place for your child to play in an environment similar to that of the dinosaur

You will find all sorts of choices, from realistic looking larger dinosaurs, to a 72 piece set of small dinosaurs.  Puzzles, stuffed animals, even robots, though they do lose their authentic looks often then.

A lovely gift idea would be a treasured big book of dinosaurs that includes a wealth of facts and photos to inspire your child to read and study, accompanied by a remote control T-Rex to play with.  Wish I could see the hours of enjoyment they receive from both!  The one I’m buying will be flying off to a child across the country, but I will be hearing about it I’m sure.

What a great opportunity to provide a toy a child will absolutely love along with a learning experience that could last throughout their life.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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