Gifts for Dog Lovers:  The iFetch

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Hours of Fetching Fun.

Just take a couple of minutes to watch  the video below and you will be sold on this delightful product!  What a fun toy for your dog!

You may even find a modicum of relief once you train your pet to play with the iFetch by him/herself.  Drop a ball into the large section, then the dog anticipates the ball being shot out.  He (she) runs for it then returns.  We all know how long our pets are willing to continue playing a game of fetch.  You have to love their persistence—how they enjoy our interaction.

Playtime When You aren’t Home

So when your dog learns to play, don’t leave him to play alone all the time.  If you can watch the videos and not laugh at their excitement, I’ll be surprised.  It looks like so much fun to watch them play. It is a huge benefit when you are gone.

Since iFetch runs on power or battery, if you leave, set it on battery.  It stays in a sleep type mode until a ball is dropped into the cone.  That saves on battery usage.

Two considerations though.  This unit is designed for a small to medium sized dog.  if you have a big dog, the ball may be too small.  There is a risk of choking should a large dog catch the ball mid flight.  The company is making a unit that will use a larger tennis ball sized ball.  I’d watch your dog while he plays for a while before leaving him on his own with it.

The other consideration may be cute but may also interfere with performance. Once you train your dog to return the ball to iFetch, he may decide he would like to chase his stuffed animals or other toys as well.  Since they won’t go through, you will have to remove the toy for him, so he can return to his game of fetch.

The unit comes with 3 balls. You can buy additional ones that fit the machine here.  It will handle squash balls or others of similar size.  You can set the distance to 10, 20, or 30 feet, which makes it very usable inside or outside.

A Great Invention For Energetic Pets

It should be a fairly easy thing to teach your dog to drop the ball into the machine.  Getting rewarded with a ball to chase will inspired them to learn quickly so they can play fetch over and over again.

It makes me wonder if it would work for small children too!  It looks like so much fun for dogs and their owners!  Who could resist?

Don’t miss this adorable video,  quite short.  I bet you will want to play too.

Order back ups for the iFetch here

A five pack of the small tennis balls that fit your iFetch.


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