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The idea of giving gifts in baskets is centuries old, gifts delivered in baskets have been around ever since someone figured out how to weave a basket.

Fruit basket

The Holiday season is without a doubt the most popular time of the years to give a gift basket. In the Holiday season many corporations send gift baskets to their valued customers as a way of saying thank you for your business. Many companies’s give their employees gift baskets during the season, or all year long as way saying “great job”.

The Holiday season is a time to bring family and friends together, but sometimes that’s not always possible, as family members or friends move away. Sending a gift basket to a far away family member or friend is a perfect solution for gift giving.

Gift baskets are a practical gift, as the basket or container can be used after the gifts are consumed. Many Holiday basket containers can be used after there’re empty, by filling them with some sort of festive Holiday décor and placing it as a centerpiece on a table.

The Holiday’s are not the only time of the year to give someone a gift basket. The gift basket industry has grown into a multi billion dollar business a year. Today you can find or make a gift basket for any theme or occasion.

Here are some other popular times to give a gift basket, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Halloween, New Home, New baby, Birthday’s. I guess that I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. As they say; Gift Baskets are for all occasions.



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  1. I enjoy giving and receiving gift baskets, and making them too! Yes, I was once a basket-weaving person!

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    • Congratulations Ruth, I believe that basket weaving is a real talent. I do enjoy making my own gift baskets too. Thanks so much for stopping by

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