Growing Up in Boom Times

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Growing Up In Boom Times by Author Chris Brockman.

chris-brockmanIt is always a pleasure to travel back in time to our childhood in search of the good old days. Growing Up In Boom Times permits Baby Boomers to do just that.

Baby Boomer Author Chris Brockman Takes us on a Trip Back to the Good Old Days

In his memoirs, author and Baby Boomer Chris Brockman beckons us to travel back in time with him to the good old days of “Growing Up In Boom Times.”

One need not be of the Baby Boomer Generation to enjoy this trip down memory lane; one need only appreciate that change is inevitable — in your generation and in mine, as well as in the Age of the Baby Boomers.

The Age of Baby Boomers was a time of great things: television, rock and roll bands, and transistor radios. And it was an age of great movements: civil rights, women’s rights, and the rights of individuals in general.

In between the praised inventions and the crazed anti-war demonstrations, Brockman breaches time and space to take us to a place where children grow up in spite of it all.

Book Excerpts

Quite often while reading a book I will share excerpts of the book on my book blog Ruthi Reads! Get a feel for the man and the author in these carefully selected 100-word excerpts.

100 Words from the Introduction of the book
Wild Berries and Grampas
Service With A Smile

rock and roll tin sign

Music of Life

Having known Chris for a few years online, when I browsed through my signed copy of his book I was not at all surprised with a line or two of song lyrics to introduce the book and its chapters.

Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters is quoted on the Introduction of Growing Up In Boom Times.

John Denver has the opening act in Chapter One, taking us to the author’s start at his parents’ Home Place. In the end, Chapter Twenty, Frank Sinatra closes with “I did it my way…”

There is, naturally, Chapter Seventeen entitled Music where music is made with Chris jamming to the tunes of his life in words.

Growing Up In Boom Times

growing up in boom times

You know the drill … If you haven’t read it yet – rock on over to Amazon and get your copy now!

Chris will take you back to the good old days where men made a living, where women loved, and where the laughter of children could be heard in the streets.

There is no doubt in my mind that you will come away from the covers of this memoirs morsel feeling as though you, too, had grown up in baby boomer times.

Live, love, and laugh with my friend and author – Chris Brockman.

Share Your Good Old Days

Tell me a tale of the good old days! Young or old, of the age of Baby Boomers or not, you have a story of days gone by and I hope you will share it here.



Ruth Cox is an eclectic reader and writer of poetry and prose. She also utilizes her writing talent as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and abuse. When not reading or writing you will find her out walking in the sunshine with her dog.


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  1. I’m glad you invited me to share some memories, Ruthi. That’s just what I did, here, and I chose them to characterize the times we Boomers grew up in. I’ve had people from around the country tell me that it puts them in mind of their own growing up, even if it was in far different circumstances, so I think I got it right. Thanks so much for your appreciation.

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    • I do believe your readers are correct. While reading your collection of childhood stories I certainly trekked back in time in my mind to my own youth. Although our growing up years may have been somewhat different, we share that same ideal of memorializing our memories.

      It is always a pleasure to have the author of a book I read to make an appearance on my published review. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Chris.

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  2. What a wonderful review. You are right on it when you said change is inevitable. I wish more people would understand this. That with change we grow as a whole.

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    • Yes, Sandy, when we embrace change we do grow better as a whole. Although sometimes, some things might have been better before the changes.

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  3. A wonderful review Ruth, I’ll have to add this to my list, it sounds like a great read. I’m always thinking back to those good old days, I think all generations take the time to think back. Thanks

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    • Thank you, Sam. I think the older I get the more I look back. But of course, when we’re young all we do is look forward!

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  4. I wonder what draws us to look back to the past so often. Doesn’t every generation do it? This book sounds so good too. It would be an interesting contrast to how things are today for kids. On to my list it goes. Thanks!

    Post a Reply
    • Yes, Merry, we all revisit our past. I think as we hustle and bustle our way through life we yearn for a simpler time, such as that of our youth. Advancement in age, as well as technology, have us wanting to skip a rope to the wondrous rhythm of birdsong… something we adults generally no longer do as we rush through our everyday living.

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  5. Excellent work Ruth. Good and interesting story, makes me want the book. But I’ll hold off for a little while, as I’m bookmarking this to return when I’m ready to buy.

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    • Nancy, there is not a doubt in my mind that you would enjoy Chris’ storytelling talent. He is a talented writer.

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