Halloween: Costumes for Kids

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Halloween is such a fun time for adults and children alike. This is the time of year when you get to dress up like somebody you’re not, or somebody you want to be. For adults it’s dress up time for the great parties.

For the kids its parties, and then the day they have been waiting for Trick or Treating, Oh the fun we all have! As a grandparent this is really an exciting time of year for me, with the Halloween parties my son and his wife have, to watching the kids dress up for all of the fun.

Every year my daughter comes to our house with the boys to take them Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. My wife is always prepared, as she decorates the house, makes dinner, cookies and treats for everybody. After all of that fun, it is time to dress up.

How about a Power Ranger costume for the adventurous one in the family or this cute monkey costume for the little one.

Bobby and Tyler (1)

Our daughter-in-law Tricia is very creative; as she made this adorable little witches costume herself.
Who wouldn’t give this adorable little witch some treats!

Giada 1st Halloween

Who remembers Pac-Man? It was one of the first video games to come out. How I remember the hours that I spent playing this game. What a cute one this is.


Then there is always the little monster costume, what little one doesn’t think about being a monster.


These are just some of the costumes we have had over the past few years.

If you are looking for kid’s costumes or even adult costumes I have found a great source for Halloween costumes that I am sure you will like. So don’t wait until the last minute take a look at these adorable costumes.



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