How to Make a Halloween Gift Basket for Kids

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Intro picHalloween is right around the corner so it’s not too soon to be thinking of a gift for those special people in your life. Gift baskets are fun and a great idea for any occasion. Halloween is no exception.

You can take any gift for someone and turn it into a gift basket; the possibilities are endless. Here are some step by step instructions for a Halloween gift basket for kids; this will show you how easy it really is. So think about those special kids in your life, your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and of course close friends and don’t forget the neighbor’s kids.

Materials we are going to use for our gift basket

Materials s

A Halloween bucket and a gift basket supply kit. You can buy these at Wal-Mart, the supply kit contains cello bags, glue dots and pull bows. I couldn’t find any orange crinkle cut shred, so I opted for some orange tissue paper, sometimes you have to improvise. You will also need some news print as filler, a pair of scissors, and scotch tape.

Items for our Halloween Basket


Since this basket is for the kids here is what we’ll use. A Happy Halloween sign, an age appropriate book this one is, We’re Going on Leaf Hunt, a box of Crayola washable markers, a package of glow in the dark bracelets, a blinking pumpkin necklace, some window decorations, and of course candy.

Now you can use your imagination with items for a gift basket the opportunities are endless.

Prepare Your Basket

prepare s

Start by taking the news print and filling the bucket almost to the top. Now take the shred or tissue paper as I have used and spread over the news print.

Arrange your gifts Items in the Basket.

Arranged s

Some simple advice for arranging your basket is to put the taller items in the back and smaller ones up front.
Other than that, just arrange your items until you’re happy with the look of the basket. Then use the glue dots to hold items together. You don’t need to have any special skills to do this again just work at it until you like what you see.

Place Your Gift Basket in the Cello Bag

In the bag s

As you can see here I bought a cello bag way too big for the basket. This is not a problem, simply take the corners at the bottom and tape them to the back side of the basket. After taping the corners to the back side, gather the bag just above the tallest items. I tied the bag with some bow string first, then added my pull bow. I couldn’t find an orange bow so I used the bow that came with the kit.

The Finished Basket

Finished s

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have supply of pull bows in many different colors and sizes. The cost of this basket was about $10.00.

Find all the gift basket supplies you need here: Gift Basket Supplies



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