How to make Halloween Tombstone Decorations

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Halloween decorated yard
Soon there will be a chill in the air; the leaves on the trees will be beautiful colors for breathtaking sights in many parts of the country. Then leaves begin to fall from the trees and you know what that means.

BOOO!!!! Halloween will be here, Halloween is a great time of the year for children and adults. Oh what fun to dress up in your favorite costume, go off to parties, community events, school parties, and run around the neighborhood collecting treats!

Decorating your yard for Halloween can be so much fun, and you can get so creative with so many different themes.

You can create all kinds of grave yard scenes, using tombstones, skulls, bones, and zombies. If you have a long walkway to your door you can line it with tombstones, add some bones and skulls in between, and don’t forget the zombies and scary pumpkins.

Now here is how to make your own tombstones: Things you will need:

1. Buy a couple of sheets of Styrofoam; I would go with 2” to 5” thick
2. Black, Gray and white paint, and a sealer to brush or spray on.
3. Paint Brush
4. Utility Knife
5. Wood dowels

Cut the shape of your tombstone, be creative, tombstones are all different sizes and shapes. If you don’t have any ideas visit a grave yard, you’ll for sure find many ideas there.

Paint your tombstones, make them look weathered and cracked. After the paint dries, add any name and date you want, and brush or spray on a sealer so they hold up in case of rain.

Add wood dowels and place them in the ground. Now go and take some pictures of your new creations.

Start early you will find plenty of Halloween yard decorations here: Halloween yard Decor



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