Haunt Couture and Ghosts Galore, by Rose Pressey

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A Book Review

Today’s review is a charming cozy mystery for your enjoyment. Book Three in the Haunted Vintage Mysteries is certain to be a hit with cozy lovers.

The Story

Cookie Channel is the owner of a vintage clothing store in Sugar Creek, Georgia. Keeping her company, whether she likes it or not, is a ghost named Charlotte and a cat who appears to be psychic.

With those two around you wouldn’t think she’d be surprised when Sam Sanders shows up, but still when he literally shows up, it gives Cookie a start. Another ghost, this one staying with a hat that Cookie has purchased for her store. A former gumshoe, he has much to offer as events play out.

Melanie Lee has planned a fashion show. The show will feature selections from Cookie’s store, Vintage, Y’all. The show seems quite successful. That is, until Cookie goes to thank Melanie and finds her dead, a model standing over her.

Even if Cookie wanted to stay out it, the ghosts won’t let her. In spite of the fact that the attractive detective, Dylan Valentine, is on the case.  There are many potential suspects to investigate, each leading to still another.  Still, why would anyone want Melanie dead?

The Author

This is the first I’ve read by Ms. Pressey. The author has several other cozy series as well. The Halloween LaVeau series, the Ryley Cruz series, and the Mystic Cafe series, to name a few. Each seems to contain its own supernatural element. She has plenty of experience crafting an entertaining tale. This one certainly held my interest, most of the time smiling as I listened.

The entire story is uplifting even while several of the characters are not. Cookie, her ghosts and her friends are fun to be with. There would seem to be the promise of romance as well. All done without bad language, explicit violence or sex.

Besides the murder investigation, each chapter has a tip for vintage clothing along with detecting.  It’s a clever addition that might just inspire you to shop vintage yourself.

In Audio from Audible

It was a pleasure to read. I listened to this one, and I’m so glad I did. The novel is narrated by Tara Ochs. She does a fine job of narrating, keeping up the pace and differentiating voices well. The story moved right along. If you have a chance to listen, I recommend it with this one.

You can listen to the narrator yourself on the sound bite we’ve included.


Likeable characters, and intriguing plot, a couple of ghosts around to lend a hand. All in all a very good time.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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