Hello! Go, Dog. Go! Good-by!

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In just a few words and paw prints in this Dr. Seuss style beginner book for children the reader is taken from “Hello!” to “Good-by!”

Re-Reading of Go, Dog. Go! While Saying Goodbye to My Dog

One day, not so long ago, I said goodbye to my dog Tidbit. The next day I re-read Go, Dog. Go! by P. D. Eastman.

Some, including Eastman, may find it a bit strange that I would choose to pull Go, Dog. Go! off the bookshelf to read while mourning the loss of my dog Tidbit. Understandably so. Nonetheless, this book I have treasured over the years became a part of my healing—once I was able to permit its humor to prevail over my tortuous trail of tears.

My time with my dog Tidbit (fourteen years to the day) seems to have whittled away a little less quickly than does the pace of the children’s book. Even so, as my girl dog went from being a little dog to a big dog, we enjoyed just as much pleasure as that which abounds on the pages of this treasure of a dog book for kids.

Go Dog Go

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Go Dog Go

Go, Dog. Go! is classic Eastman, a gem of a book for early readers. The page by page building of word phrases has kids learning to read new words with each turn of a page. But of course, you and I know that it is the dogs who have stolen the show and have our children turning the pages for reading the rest of the story.

From the tip of the hat of “Dog” on page one to the male yellow beagle and the female pink poodle on the last page, dogs of all colors and kinds are found on the go, party animals delighting children with rhythmic reason.

And on that last page of the book, beagle and poodle ride off into the sunset in a final “Good-by!”

Dog Relationships And a Sweet So Long


In the re-reading of Go, Dog. Go! I did smile at the sweetness of the “courtship” of the yellow dog and the pink pooch throughout the book. Of course, the dogs rode off into the sunset together as they said good-by to their reader.

P. D. Eastman managed to get a bit of a relationship lesson in there for his young readers. I do enjoy books for kids that entertain as well as teach.

For my dog Tidbit and I there were fourteen years of sensational sunsets. And while I am now unable to enjoy days with her, I am happy that our relationship was one of a love like none other I have ever experienced, canine or of the human kind.

Dog Pawsitive Tidbits


I and my dog Tidbit continue to share the fun times as well as a life lesson or two with my readers. We share our dog pawsitive tidbits, dog books for kids of all ages, and there is sure to be a sunset or two for you to view.

Our time together will be Tidbit’s legacy and I shall continue to share her pure sweet sunshine with my readers. For now it is just a bittersweet “So long!”

Say Hello and Goodbye

I find that the re-reading of a book for kids is often quite enlightening. Have you read the children’s book, Go, Dog. Go! as a child, and again as an adult?



Ruth Cox is an eclectic reader and writer of poetry and prose. She also utilizes her writing talent as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and abuse. When not reading or writing you will find her out walking in the sunshine with her dog.


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  1. This was a touching tribute to your lovely canine friend, Tidbit, and a life lesson in itself about how we face loss and grief. Thanks for the great book review and the lovely memories.

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    • Peg, I am glad to know you enjoyed this book review and meeting my girl Tidbit. I have found that pairing loss with precious things seems to ease the grief and keep good memories alive and well.

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  2. Ruthi, this is a wonderful tribute to Tidbit as well as a lovely introduction to the book, “Go, Dog. Go!” I’m glad it has given you comfort as well as pleasure, my friend.

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    • Margaret, anything that reminds me of my dog Tidbit is a pleasure, as are books for kids… as you well know.

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  3. Hi Ruth, I think you have made a beautiful tribute to your companion Titbit. I don’t remember this book but will need to get for our grandchildren. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • Sam, “Go, Dog. Go!” has long been one of my favorite Seuss-style books for kids by Eastman. Of course, as a dog lover that stands to reason! It is a great book for early readers and for the child who lives inside the adult as well.

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