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How to Train Your Dragon 2 the animated movie follow up to How to Train Your Dragon which was released in 2010.

How to Train your Dragon 2 is an amazing animated movie for both adults and children. We saw this movie with our grandson Bobby who at the time was eight years old, and I enjoyed this movie as much as he did.

This film is your classic good vs. evil, with some lessons along the way. The first lesson that came to my mind was that you can’t always trust who you rely on the most, and the second is there is a price to pay for bravery.

The movie picks up five years after How to Train your Dragon. On the mythical island of Berk is a Viking World where now humans and dragons live in harmony.

Hiccup’s father Stoick wants him to someday take over as leader of Berk. But Hiccup has other plans, as he and his faithful dragon Toothless explore the world, with his companion and girlfriend Astrid.

In their travels they come upon a dragon trapper’s fort, run by Eret. They discover that Eret’s boss the evil Drago is planning to assemble a dragon army and take over the world.

Hiccup hurries back to Berk tell his father of this evil plan and finds that his father knows just how evil Drago is, and prepares to do battle with him.

Hiccup dashes off to find Drago in hopes of reasoning with him. Along the way he makes another discovery. He finds Valka who turns out to be his mother, who was thought to be dead. His mother has devoted the last 20 years of her life to saving dragons.

This all leads up to a spectacular ending, this movie made me laugh and it made me cry, as I’m sure you will, if you see it.

If you haven’t seen the first movie How to Train your Dragon, You’ll want to watch that first:


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  1. Great review Sam! I have this in my queue to watch. My Grandson and Granddaughter are a big fans also. I made a Toothless stuffed toy for my Granddaughter and a Toothless wall hanging for my Grandson. I can’t wait to see the second movie!

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