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St. Patrick’s Day Dog Coats

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all the way. Buy an Irish Dog Coat for your dog.

Make your dog a lucky dog, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with an Irish Dog Coat. Your pup will love you when the cold March winds blow and he stays warm. There are Irish Dog Coats for every size of dog…just make sure you get the right size. If it’s too small, it won’t keep them warm, and if it’s too big, they may not be able to keep it on. But one thing you can be “doggoned” sure of, is how cute he or she will look on St. Patrick’s Day in their correct size new Irish Coat.

In America our dogs are part of the family.

Some folks don’t believe in dressing dogs, and I’m inclined to agree most of the time. But we also have a responsibility to take care of them, just as if they are members of the family. I think in cold weather, especially short hair dogs should have coats on to help them retain bodily warmth when they’re outside. Voice your feelings to dress or not to dress a dog in the comments section below.


Irish Knit Dog Sweater Coats for Small Dogs

Well, they don’t have to be Irish to look fine, any little one would stay warm and look just great in these Irish Knit coats. If you own or have owned a tiny dog, you know they get cold. Wrapping them in a blanket and carrying them doesn’t give them the exercise they need. Putting a coat on keeps them warm and allows them to walk and stay healthy.

Irish Knit sweater coats for large dogs

If you have a large dog, you don’t have to hold back on dressing them up in an Irish Knit sweater. During the cold weather, these sweaters help to keep your pet warm when you take them out for a walk.

On A Chilly Day, Big Dogs Also Need Warmth

Even big dogs, especially those without a lot of fur, particularly Great Danes, need a bit of extra warmth on those cold days, when the March winds are blowing. Think about how you would feel…oh, never mind, I don’t want to go there! Just think of your dog’s comfort during the cold months.

Other opinions on dressing a dog.

Dressing Your Dog For Cold Weather
This site provides convincing information that dogs should be dressed for cold weather when they are outside.
Is Dressing Your Dog Demeaning to the Animal?
A Salt Lake city newspaper columnist talks about her son being yelled at by someone when walking his dressed up dog, that it was “demeaning” to the dog.






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