The Kelly Kettle: Planet Friendly Outdoor Cooking

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The Kelly Kettle: A Victorian invention, great for outdoor and emergency cooking.

2015-09-07_1303_001Because we live in hurricane-prone Florida, I like to keep an alternative cooking source available for times when there are power outages. But what I dislike is the buying, usage and disposal of gas (or other energy) cannisters.

That’s why the Kelly Kettle is just perfect for me – or for anyone who wants to cook outdoors, or simply boil water – and for those who go camping, hunting, fishing or hiking. It’s splendid for picnics too.Why?

To begin with, it boils water amazingly quickly, due to its clever design.  It’s also lightweight so perfect when you don’t want to carry too much gear around. But what  I particularly love is that you can use whenever fuel you can find close at hand such as twigs, dried grass, pine cones – – – the website even says that in developing countries camel dung is used for fuel! (I don’t think I’ll try that one, camels not being terribly common in Florida).

It also leaves no damage to the countryside in the way that camp fires generally do. And everything you need comes in its own carrying bag.


This excellent device was invented in Ireland in the 1890s. It was originally used by Irish fishermen who wanted to be able to boil water quickly for their mugs of tea. Today the company is run by the great-grandsons of the founder. There are several different models available these days, to suit your needs.

It a wonderful product if you’re enjoying the outdoors but also forms a useful part of anyone’s emergency preparedness kit. The kettle comes complete with a lidded pan so that you can cook while your water is boiling or you can simply use the water to reconstitute dried foods.

See all models and read reviews at Amazon.

This first video shows more details. Scroll down to see a new user boiling water with his Kelly Kettle out in the woods. The chap in the third video cooks some very delicious looking bacon while his water is boiling.

See all Kelly Kettle products here


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