Lying Awake Nights?

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There isn’t much more frustrating that lying in bed unable to sleep. By the end of the day that is all we want. To drift off into a restful, recuperative and deep sleep.


There are many recommendations for ways to aid you sleep, from medication to exercise to white noise. We are told not eat too close to bedtime. Several hours between is normally suggested. It’s easy to see why. No one wants to go to bed feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. A quiet room, sans the television is another consideration. Many even go so far as to tell you to keep all your electronics in another room. Can you sleep at night knowing your phone isn’t nearby?

When you have trouble sleeping you are willing to try most anything. Our minds need the rest as much as our bodies. Often, if we’ve had a strenuous day, our bodies need sleep to regenerate. Have you gone to bed exhausted and aching from physical efforts, only to wake up the next morning without any of the aches and pains you expected? It always surprises me how thoroughly sleep aids in our body’s restoration.

If you’ve tried some of the ideas above, and still have trouble getting to sleep, you might look more closely at the foods you are eating. Of course there are certain foods you should avoid, such as caffeine.

Did you know there are also plenty of foods that might help you sleep? Foods containing tryptophan are among the favorites. Most of us think turkey dinners when we think of tryptophan. A post turkey nap seems nearly a requirement on Thanksgiving day. But did you know chicken actually contains more tryptophan than turkey? That’s why it is on the list of foods to eat for a better night’s sleep.

Besides tryptophan, foods containing melatonin and vitamin B6 make the list. Some of the foods you’ll see might surprise you.

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It will be so simple to put together a meal that might just help you sleep better and definitely worth the effort.




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