Lighthouse Bath Decor

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Lighthouse Bath Decor

Why Use A Lighthouse Theme?

Lighthouse bath decor feels fresh and clean.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your bathroom, and would like something cool, crisp and fresh, why not try a lighthouse theme? Decorating with lighthouse accessories is easy to do, and it feels like a whole new room with just a few additions. You can replace rugs, wall borders, mirrors, cabinet knobs, toilet seats, towels, and so much more, in changing the theme of your bathroom.lighthouse

If money is a consideration, just change a few things at a time. Even if you only put new knobs on your bathroom cabinet, it spikes up its appearance. Then, next time add a rug. Pretty soon, you’ve got the entire “look” changed.

Lighthouse ideas for your bath – You can find lighthouse accessories to fit any budget.

Put some lighthouse prints on the wall, and see an immediate change. Try replacing the knobs on the bathroom cabinets to ones with a lighthouse image. Right away, the room looks more nautical. You could stop right there, and continue adding at a later time if preferred. If not, go on and find those other lighthouse oriented things you love. Then add some lighthouse prints to the walls. Something that also helps is to paint the bathroom white, and add all the other lighthouse accessories in bright lighthouse colors. The possibilities are unlimited, in redecorating your bathroom with a fresh, crisp lighthouse theme.

The Possibilities Are Endless

You might top the walls with a temporary stick on border of lighthouses, or change the knobs on the cabinet. You could add lighthouse towels and washcloths and put down a lighthouse throw rug. Then there’s a lighthouse toilet lid cover to set off the entire effect. You could go a little wild and put some lighthouse figurines in strategic spots. Something that also helps is to paint the bathroom white, and add all the other lighthouse accessories in bright lighthouse colors.

Even The “Throne” Seat Can Look Good

I don’t know about you, but I love having a soft bathroom seat. First of all it’s more comfortable, and second of all, it’s not cold when you sit down. Along with those comforts, it also adds to your lighthouse decor. Why should a utilitarian object be dull and boring? Replace it with a lighthouse theme toilet seat and enjoy the comfort as well as the ambiance it brings to your bathroom.

A Very Easy Way to Decorate With A Lighthouse Theme – Inexpensive and colorful

Carrying out the lighthouse and nautical theme can be easy and inexpensive, because you can do it a little at a time. If you want to start small, just put up a set of towel hooks. They come ready to hang, bright and cheery. Not a large investment, but they show your intention to make over the bathroom.

Towels Add To The Lighthouse Atmosphere

One of the best things you can do to renovate your bathroom with lighthouse decor is to hang towels with a lighthouse theme. Bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths are all available for you to use to enhance the style and theme of your bathroom. The fun part is picking them out! You’ll find lots of different colors and various lighthouses to fit your needs.

Or Add These Items Gradually – For That Lighthouse Look

Decorating a bathroom with lighthouse themed items can be done a little at a time, so as not to stretch your budget. In other words, it isn’t necessary to completely re-do the bath into a nautical theme at one time, but buy items as you go along. So what if it takes a month, 6 weeks, 2 months, whatever? When it’s totally done, it will be the highlight of your home. Now just try to keep everyone from wanting to congregate there to admire the decorations.

Rugs Are A “Must” For Every Bathroom

Of course, rugs are a necessity, especially the one you step onto out of the tub or shower. They keep you from sliding with wet feet on the floor, so they’re actually a safety necessity. Since you need them, why not get one that adds to your decor? Another opportunity for you to add a great addition to perk up your bathroom and give it that nautical lighthouse look.

Even on a limited budget it’s possible to add lighthouse touches to your bath

If money is an issue, decide in advance how much you can spend and then shop accordingly. Decorating your bath with a lighthouse theme need not be expensive. If you live near the west or east coast of the United States, or near the Great Lakes, you’ll find lighthouse themed objects at a reasonable price everywhere. Sometimes you can find them at yard sales too, or online at eBay. But if you live further inland, you can still have that lighthouse feeling by gradually adding a few inexpensive accessories. The items do not need to contain the same lighthouse scene to create that nautical feel in the bath, so you don’t have to try to match them together. Try putting a lighthouse print or painting on the wall of your bathroom and it immediately begins a transformation to a nautical theme.




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