Eat Healthily with Livliga’s Weight Loss Secret

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Lose weight healthily (and tastily) with Livliga.

LivligaSheila Kemper Dietrich used to be the director of the American Heart Association in Denver but nevertheless she and her family struggled with their own weight. That is, until Sheila developed a simple, stylish and tasty way to eat.

Without dieting, she lost fifty pounds, her husband lost thirty five and her daughter was able to shed twenty five pounds. I’ll say it again – without dieting; without giving up their favourite foods, without weighing every morsel they ate, without diet-aid drugs, without buying special foods….

Sheila’s weight loss secret

Sheila was horrified when she read statistics about the population being overweight. She knew that she was, and her family too.  You can see her talking about it in the video below. Like many people she and her family had tried to lose weight without success until she developed her system.

Portion control dinnerware

What’s that? The plates and dishes you use can help you lose weight? It sounds crazy – it sounds like a fad – but Sheila’s family is the proof that it works.

We eat with our eyes and brains

Imagine your favourite food. Picture it in your mind. Doesn’t that look good? Don’t you want to gobble it all up? Now, in your mind’s eye, take the plate, tip the contents into a blender and whiz. Hmm —- not quite as appealing now, is it? It has the same calories, the same nutrients, the same taste but it doesn’t get your taste buds excited now. That’s just an imaginary experiment but it does show that you can fool your eyes and your brain.

After all, food manufacturers spend a fortune on research, colourings and additives to make what we eat visually appealing. Restaurants spend hours on garnishing and presentation. That our eyes can fool our brains is fact.

So Sheila developed the stylish dinnerware that you see on this page. The design is not random – it is very carefully developed.

How it works

The designs on the plates indicate which foods go where and how large the portion should be. After all, it’s all very well knowing that you should have ‘one serving’ of protein but how big is a ‘serving’? Take a look at the image below.


Which would you rather have? Of course, seen like this it’s easy for us to see that both plates have the same amount of food but the Livliga, on the right, fools the eye. It looks appetising and tasty. The plate on the left however, looks as though half the meal is missing. During her research, Sheila found that since the 1990s, dinner plate sizes have increased by over 50%.

See more info at Amazon and meet Sheila in the video below.



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  1. Wow, that short video really packs a big punch. Kudos to Sheila for tackling the obesity problem head on and developing such a sensible, simple, elegant solution.

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