The Little Brown Bottle – Lysol Concentrate

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The Little Brown Bottle – Lysol Concentrate.

LysolMy mother cleaned the house constantly, she was always cleaning something.

The whole family would tease my mother about her obsession with cleaning, she always working on something.

I remember our house always had that fresh clean smell. My mother loved this little brown bottle of Lysol Concentrate.

She used it to clean and deodorize everything, the kitchen, bathroom, floors, cabinets, and counter tops, you name it and that brown bottle of Lysol came out.

My friend and I decided to wash walls when we were seniors in high school, to earn the money we needed to take our dates to the prom. We gathered up our supplies, rags, buckets, step ladders and cleaner.

I’ll never forget the day that my mother handed me the brown bottle of Lysol Concentrate, just before we were headed to our first job. Her words were “take this and pour a cap full of this in every bucket you make, this will leave a nice fresh smell”.

She was right, usually after the very first room we did, the customer would ask, “what did you use on my walls the room smells so fresh”.

After all these years I still use that brown bottle of Lysol Concentrate, as it cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. Really all you need is just a cap full or two mixed in with your regular cleaner to get that clean fresh smell.

The bottle tells you that it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, but I like it for that fresh clean smell.


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