How to Make Doorknob Angels

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How to Make Doorknob Angels

Doorknob Angels – a Fun Craft, A Fun Gift or Decoration

angel1I received my first doorknob angel a few years ago in a package sent to me by my sister. She also sent one for my partner, which was entirely different. It was one of the cutest, most imaginative little decorations I’d ever seen. We immediately put them on our walk-in closet doorknobs and there they’ve been, only occasionally removed for a light dusting.

The one shown here belongs to my partner. Mine was diplomatically made with yellow hair, since I’m gray! I’ve always loved these angels, and wanted to make them. So I deconstructed one to figure out if I could make it…and yes, I can! And so can you, to give as gifts, or to keep for yourself as decorations.

But I warn you, if you plan to give them as gifts, better make several, because once word gets around, everybody you know will want one!

Supplies You Will Need

Some of these you may already have. Just check them off your list.

  • Paper Bag or a Roll of Brown Wrapping Paper (if you are making many)
  • Pinking Shears
  • Various Bright Printed Fat Quarters of Fabric, contrasting color (Small print looks best)
  • Pale pink, white, light tan or brown fabric (for face and hands)
  • Small amount of brown, black or other color fabric for shoes.
  • Two Small Buttons (one for each shoe) of desired shape and color
  • One Large Button(for neck of dress) of desired shape and color
  • Yarn Snippets of Black, Brown, Yellow or White (for the Angel’s Hair)
  • Small amount of Polyfil
  • One-8-inch length of twine or string for each angel, for hanger.
  • Wide Cream or Contrasting Colored Raffia or Pulled Crepe Paper (for Angel Wings)
  • White glue
  • Embroidery Ink for mouth, eyes, eyebrows and lines on legs and arms.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Liquid Embroidery Pens

Follow the directions below this example to build your angel

Using the template, with pinking shears cut two patterns from the brown paper. Place a line of glue around the two paper patterns, place a small amount of polyfil on one and then put the glue sides together. Allow them to dry completely. Once the form is complete you can now begin to dress the angel. Glue the dress on, allowing room for her head, arms, feet and legs. Stay within the pinked edge, getting as even on each side as possible. Once half the dress is totally glued down, glue the legs, then bring the skirt over the tops of the legs and glue the rest of the dress down. Now you can begin placing the face, and hands, and feet with the same gluing technique. Be sure you smooth out all wrinkles as you glue, leaving a smooth surface on the fabric. Allow the drying time called for in the directions below, so that nothing gets accidentally moved. I’ve also given numbered directions in the module below so you can’t get lost. After you’ve made a couple, you won’t even need those.

Door Knob Angels Fabric Template

Instructions for Body Template ONLY

  1. Print the templates out on white heavy paper, enlarging them to the size desired.
  2. Cut out templates with regular scissors, two for body.
  3. Lay out brown paper and lay templates on the paper. Cut SLIGHTLY around body template edges with pinking shears. Make two, when glued these will be the form of the door knob angel.
  4. Trace a thin line of white glue around the edges of the brown paper body, place a small amount of flattened polyfil on the piece, put a thin line of glue around the matching piece of brown paper body, and put them together, keeping the polyfil inside, and matching the edges as closely as possible. Don’t put too much polyfil inside, just enough to puff them slightly.
  5. Press firmly all around the pinked edges and allow to dry thoroughly, about 30 minutes.

Instructions For Remainder of Angel Fabric

Now comes the fun part. You’re going to dress your angel and give her a personality! The remainder of the pieces will be cut with regular scissors. Cut fabric true to the line of the fabric template.

To Assemble:

  1. Cut out fabric with regular scissors, taking care to note how many for each. You will need 1 for the head, (back of head will be covered by yarn) 1 dress, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 shoes.
  2. Glue top ONLY of the dress in place. Use embroidery pen to draw sleeve line as shown on the color example.
  3. Glue the head into the curve of the neck of the dress.
  4. Glue on hands as shown in the example.
  5. Glue the heart to the middle of the dress.
  6. Glue legs in appropriate spot, mark with pen to show delineation.
  7. Glue down remainder of dress over legs.
  8. Glue Shoes on bottom of legs.
  9. Allow angel to dry for 2 hours.
  10. Use glue gun and glue buttons on shoes, and one at top of dress.
  11. Glue loops or strips of yarn to the head to make hair. Use colors of your choice. Making hair close to the color of the person you’re giving the angel to is always a nice touch.
  12. Use embroidery pens to draw a smiley mouth and eyes on the face.

Make The Wings and Hanger

Your Door Knob Angel is almost complete. All that’s left to do are the wings and the hanger. Just use the raffia or twisted crepe paper to make a bow and tie tightly with 8″ length of twine or string. Then using your fingers, gently pull and stretch the raffia or paper bow into a wing shape. With a glue gun, glue the 8″ length of twine or string along with the bow you’ve just made to the back of the completed figure. Press down firmly for a few moments and allow to dry completely before hanging. That’s it! You can tie these to a gift package, you can hang them on your tree, you can hang them on a door knob (after all, they ARE called Door Knob Angels!)

Just about finished with two exceptions, wings and hanger. Here’s how they should look on the back.


Here’s where to find the things you might not have.

If you’re like me, you already have yarn, buttons and maybe even a few paper bags hanging around the house. For that matter if you are an inveterate crafter, you may have glue, hot glue, polyfil, fabric and pinking shears. One thing I didn’t have was the liquid embroidery. If you don’t you probably can use a regular gel pen for the little that’s needed. So put together whatever you come up with first, and then order what you still need. Of course, be sure and allow enough material for the amount you plan to make. These little angels will go fast if you’re giving them. I like to tie one onto a gift package as a decoration that can be used on the doorknob after the holidays.

Pinking Shears For Cutting Brown Paper. Soft Grip Pinking Shears I Recommend – They Save Your Hands a Lot Of Blisters

Fiskars soft-grip pinking shears are the absolute best and I can’t praise them enough. Any time I need to do some extensive cutting or cutting something a bit heavy, I always got blisters on my thumb where the scissors rested. Not any more, because now I use these Soft Grip ones, and it stops that painful rubbing and blistering effect you get with other scissors and shears. So they come highly recommended from this author.





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