Making the Best of a Small Living Space

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Making the Best of a Small Living Space

My idea for comfortable living includes a home with mulitple bedrooms. Five bedrooms would be a good start. But why would a single gal need so much space?

The biggest bedroom would be for me, of course. I hate being hemmed in, so 20’X20’ would be a good start in size. One room for guests, one for a workroom, one for an office, one for a small library and reading room, and a spare room with no predetermined use.

When I was a young girl, I had the opportunity to live in Japan. One of the most important things I learned from their culture, is the efficient use of space. My more recent ideas on how to better utilize the limited space in my apartment comes from that experience.

My stay in Japan was a very special part of my upbringing. I think everyone should have the opportunity to sojourn in a country very different from their own. This alone could be the key to learning to be open-minded about other people.

The residents of the neighborhood in which I lived in Kubiri Yokosuka were very enthusiastic to learn learn about American culture. More so, because we belonged to a subculture of the USA that they had rare occasion to entertain. We in turned learned all we could about the beautiful culture in which we lived for a short time.

One of the things that I recall to this day is that many of our neighbors slept in the same rooms in which they entertained guests or used for relaxation during the day. The bedding was then removed to a closet set aside for this purpose. Guests were none the wiser that this case.

This year I’ve purposed to better use the space in which I live. An article I wrote here on Jaquo, An Apartment Dweller’s Dilemma, shows how I’ve begun doing so. I’ve written an article on Hubpages, Practical Space-saving Ideas for Small Apartments



Tanya is a displaced Californian, living in Texas. She has a day job and she dabbles with writing. Along with other Squids, she migrated to Hubpages and continues to post articles there under the pseudonym, Arachnea. Tanya’s virtual life is more exciting than day-to-day-life. There are a few bright spots, however. The local symphony and arts community are two such bright spots and the occasional meet-up with friends makes for a third. Originally from California, she takes life as it comes in her temporary sojourn.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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