May’s New Mystery Suspense Novels

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It’s already nearly May, so it is time for an update of new mystery suspense thrillers due for release next month.  May brings lots of new additions to popular series.  You’ll find James Patterson’s Murder Club, Jeffrey Deaver with another Kathryn Dance novel, Tom Clancy’s Op Center series, and many more.  Check out the article on Mystery Suspense Reviews  for a more complete list.

I seem to like mystery and suspense in any form, but it is hard not to grow fond of particular characters in series novels.  Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Andy Carpenter, Scot Horvath, and so many more!  The more you read of the recurring characters, the more anxious you get to visit them again—as soon as possible.  It gets to the point where they seem like old friends, so when you pick up a new book you are smiling, sure you will enjoy their company.

So it’s a pleasure to see several favorites.  Once again, I thought I would highlight a few that you will enjoy if you like a good, solid suspenseful tale.

The Forgotten Room, by Lincoln Child, Release Date May 12th

Another solo novel for the bestselling author who often writes with Douglas Preston.

Jeremy Logan is back again in the third book of his series.  As an “enigmalogist,” one who studies unusual, possibly supernatural events,  he is hired by the think tank where he once worked.  In the mansion overlooking the ocean in Rhode Island, where the think tank has its headquarters, one of their members killed himself in a horrible manner.  The remaining members of the think tank want to know why.

His investigation leads to an unused wing of the mansion to a forgotten room with no entrance.  The room contains a variety of old equipment and word of Project S.   Why it was sealed up and where it will lead will put Jeremy in danger.  But is the danger from something supernatural or is it more basic than that?

The description of this book makes me think I should get books one and two as soon as possible.  Logan sounds like a fun and different character who will participate in some remarkable plots.

Radiant Angel, by Nelson DeMille, Release date  May 26th

A new entry in the John Corey series, is sure to be a hit with fans.  You may recognize the name from Plum Island and the Lions’ Game, the first two books in the series. Corey is a strong, likable character in Mr. DeMille’s recent suspense thrillers.
John Corey has been part of the anti-terrorist task force up until now.  He has left the task force, and the FBI to join the Diplomatic Surveillance Group,  supposedly a quieter, less volatile position.

However, he’s been assigned to watch the Russians, and Corey knows they pose a rising danger.  When a Russian colonel goes missing, Corey’s search for him leads him to a potential attack on America that could be worse than we have imagined.  The target could be Manhattan.

Independence day, by Ben Coes, Release Date May 26th

I’ve been waiting for this one for several months now.  Ever since Power Down, Mr. Coes first incredible novel, I’ve been a huge fan.  Dewey Andreas is a favorite.

The fifth in the Dewey Andreas series is bound to be a good one.

Dewey has been kept off assignment since his fiance’s murder (in the last book Eye for an Eye).  No one is certain he can still do the job. There are many in the government want that to be permanent, one way or another.  His superior puts him back to work to get him out of their oversight.

When a terror threat comes in the form of a Russian cyber hacker called “Cloud,”  Dewey disobeys orders and decides to investigate himself.  Other teams are sent in to stop Cloud, instead of Dewey.  Yet he is there when they are all killed.  Barely saving the Cloud’s girlfriend, he learns someone is bringing a nuclear weapon into the United States, a bomb to be detonated on Independence Day.

Dewey is usually the one the government turns to when they have no where else to go.  Yet with only three days to go, even he may be unable to stop the disaster Cloud has planned.

Piranha, by Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison, Release Date May 26th

Ever since I picked up a copy of “Raise the Titanic,” I’ve been a loyal fan of Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt.  Dirk was the main character of Mr. Cussler’s exciting adventure series for many years.  These days besides Dirk, he has several offshoot series as well.  This book is part of the Oregon Files series, a wonderful series featuring Juan Cabrillo, his crew, and his state of the art ship that appears to be a derelict on the outside.

In a secret operation, Cabrillo and his crew are faking the sinking of their ship.    During their covert assignment they are attacked. What they find connects back to a ship that sank in 1902, while carrying a scientist working on a breakthrough that could change the world. They discover an American weapons designer has completed the scientist’s work.  It becomes a race to stop the designer before he completes his dangerous plan.

Thrilling novels and more

Each of these selections are almost certain to reach bestselling status.  Each should be an exciting, suspenseful story.  The authors are among the best and most popular writers today.  While all four are part of a series, I believe you can easily enjoy them as stand alone books.  The history of the characters always adds to the story, but these four are excellent at giving enough back story that you won’t feel you missed something by not starting at the beginning. That said, the others in their series are wonderful reads that you would enjoy too.


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