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Memory loss prevention from Dame Judi Dench

Judi DenchIn February 2015, actor Michael Gambon announced that he was giving up acting after a long and prestigious career. The reason he gave for this is that he could no longer memorise his lines.

This prompted Dame Judi Dench to reveal how she manages to memorise her lines and keep working. Note that she is six years older than Michael Gambon – they were born in 1934 and 1940 respectively.

Judi explained that there was no such word as ‘retirement’ in her household. Her father was a doctor and he always told her that if a person should retire from their profession, they should be even more active – physically and mentally- than they were beforehand.

She also says how very important it is to keep the brain active.

She recommends doing tricky crosswords and puzzles. In addition, she says, she tries to learn at least one new fact every day. Many experts believe that these two simple tasks keep the brain alert. One expert was quoted as saying that even a sedentary activity such as knitting is a good way of keeping the brain active as long as the activity is challenging, rather than automatic.

Judi Dench also believes strongly in dietary supplements for brain health. She says that her simple routine involves taking two IQ tablets every morning. You can see some examples below that are available for easy ordering online. Dame Judi has been taking these since 2002 and says that her friend and colleague Maggie Smith, who is almost exactly the same age, is also a devoted user. She too is still a working actress.

At the time she made these comments, Dame Judi was still working hard in television, film and the theatre at the age of eighty.




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