Mushroom Wellington recipe

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Mushroom Wellington – elegant & easy recipe

Mushroom Wellington is an easy-to-prepare, meat-free version of the famous Beef Wellington. If you’re expecting guests who don’t eat meat then this is a lovely alternative but best of all, it’s quick and easy to make.

Here’s what you need

Mushroom Wellington

I’m not giving exact quantities here because it depends how many people you’re feeding.

It also depends on whether you’re serving these delicious little pastry parcels as a main dish or as an appetiser.

But you’re going to need large portobello mushrooms, frozen puff pastry (for the sake of speed), some cheese, a little red wine, tomato & garlic pesto, olive oil, black pepper and fresh herbs.

The only time-consuming part is waiting for the pastry to defrost!

Brush the mushrooms with olive oil and set them under a medium broiler.

Roll out the pastry and when the mushrooms are lightly cooked, turn them face down and pour red wine over them so that it can seep into the gills.

Create pastry circles a little larger than the mushrooms. I use small bowl as a pastry cutter.

You’ll need twice as many pastry circles as you have mushrooms. Place each mushroom on one circle and top with an evenly-spread spoonful of tomato pesto.

Top each with a slice of cheese and use your remaining pastry circles to form lids. Crimp the edges and make a small cut in the top of each pie to allow vapour to escape during cooking. They will now need about twenty five minutes in the oven – if you’re using frozen pastry, following the temperature and timing instructions on the pack.

Serve with salad and enjoy.

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