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MysteriesOnce in awhile you run across an author that suits your taste perfectly. David Rosenfelt is one of mine. He’s written numerous novels, my favorites the mystery series featuring Andy Carpenter, Attorney at Law.

The series appeals in many ways. First it’s a mystery, a genre I love. Second is the author’s humor. Andy has a sarcastic wit that I relate to, a wit that is often directed at himself. Lastly, the supporting characters—including Tara, the golden retriever—are as entertaining as Andy himself.

I often laugh out loud while I am listening to the books, and nearly always have a smile on my face. The series is remarkable in audio with Grover Gardner narrating. He is Andy. He reads it so well, and carries the humor perfectly. If you want to try a book in audio, this is one of my most recommended.

The first book in the series is titled Open and Shut. While you can enjoy the books in any order, it’s a good idea to start with the first, since it explains how Andy got to where he is now, wealthy and not very interested in accepting new cases.

If you read the many reviews on Audible or Amazon, you will see I am only one of many who are attached to both Andy Carpenter and Grover Gardner. Thanks David Rosenfelt for creating such an enjoyable series. I’ll be waiting for the next.

You can read more about the series, including a brief summary of each book here


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