A Review of My New Balance 609s

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A Review of My New Balance 609s

I just bought a new pair of New Balance 609s with a gift card that my daughter gave me for Father’s Day.


Many years ago, I needed to loose some weight and get myself into shape; a friend of mine suggested that I should start to run. So I did, and the very first time out I couldn’t even make it one time around the school track, which was only 1/6 of a mile.

I stayed with it and before long I was running 5 to 6 miles a day. It wasn’t long before I noticed that my back and shins were bothering me. My running partner; who was the guy that talked me into this wonderful world of running, advised me to invest in a good pair of running shoes.

I began to investigate running shoes. Now my shoe size is a 9-½ wide, and at the time New Balance was the only running shoe that came in half sizes. I bought a pair because of the fit and comfort and of course the half size.

My friend was right because soon my aches and pains vanished, as I continued to run. (No not like Forrest Gump), but I would come home from work, change into my running gear and head for the park for my 5 mile run. Rain, snow or sunshine I was out there running.

Okay maybe I was really a jogger and not a runner but it was a good aerobic workout, and anybody was welcome to tag along with me at an 8 to 9 minute mile for 5 miles.

The shoes made all the difference in the world, they have good cushion and support, and I felt like I was running on clouds.

I really don’t know if New Balance is still the only shoe that comes in half sizes today, because all I’ve ever purchased since then are New Balance.

I can highly recommend New Balance for fit, and comfort.

Give the New Balance MX 609 Training Shoe a Try:



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