Now they’re messing with Newcastle Brown Ale

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Now they’re messing with Newcastle Brown Ale

Newkie BrownNow don’t get me wrong. I live in the United States. I love the country. But I do with that they would stop messing with English food. Only a couple of weeks go, I had to rant about them changing Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.

Now, they’re messing with Newkie Brown.

I do think that the country has its priorities  bit mixed up.

As it is, foods like haggis and certain French cheeses have been banned for ages in the States – they just can’t be imported here. (Foods note, that Europeans have been eating for hundreds of years).

And yet fast food establishments and their greasy fries and cholesterol-laden burgers are perfectly fine, it seems. Kentucky Fried Chicken is absolutely fine too. And these are despite the fact that we know what we know (and I’m not going to go into gross details) about the American meat industry and the rubbish that goes into commercially-prepared foods.

The problem with Newkie Brown, says the United States, is that it contains caramel which in turn contains a chemical which may be linked to cancer in mice.

It’s enough to make you want to have a nice, relaxing cigarette which incidentally, costs you a fraction of the price here in the States than it would in England.

Just last week, I read about a toddler in New Mexico who found a .45 calibre handgun and shot both his parents. (Not fatally, thankfully). Can we not sort out this sort of thing before worrying about what’s in an English beer that we’ve been drinking since the nineteen twenties?

Did you know that the meals served by junk food chains in the UK and Europe have revised recipes? They’re not the same as the ones served in the USA. That’s because of all the additives in the American recipes. I would venture to suggest that European rules about additives, hormones and other junk are stricter that the US regulations.

Newcastle Brown, you won’t be surprised to hear, originated in the north-east city of Newcastle. One local beer expert (and I imagine there are  lot, amateur or otherwise) said “I’d be more worried about the chemicals in cupcakes than those in Newcastle Brown Ale.” People from Newcastle are known as Geordies are are known for being outspoken. I simply can’t tell you some of the comments I heard on the radio today –  I’d be typing “[expletive deleted]” for the next few hours 🙂






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Author: Jackie Jackson

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