Origins and Myths of the Easter Lily

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Origins and Myths of the Easter Lily

The Beautiful Easter Lily

Beautiful trumpet shaped white flowers, Lilium Longiflorum, native to Japan, are commonly called Easter Lilies in North America and other parts of the world. They are seen in profusion in flower markets, stores, and florists during the Easter season. From ancient times, these lilies are mentioned in literature, poetry, history, and mythology.

Connected to many historical persons including Jesus Christ, the Roman goddess Juno, and Eve as she was banished from the Garden of Eden, Easter lilies are commonly associated with purity, grace, joy, and rebirth.

Legend About Jesus And The Easter Lily

Followers of Jesus Christ say that the lilies were first found growing where Jesus Christ prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before his crucifixion. The flowers sprang from drops of sweat that poured from him in his agony of knowing he was about to die. Even today, churches are filled with white lilies at Easter time and the podium is banked with them.

A Legend Taken From The First Man and First Woman

Some people tell the story that when Eve was banished from the Garden of Eden, she was so sorrowful that her repentant tears flowed freely, and became the white lily as they struck the ground.

An Association With The Virgin Mary

The white lily has long been associated with the Virgin Mary. The Angel Gabriel was said to have given Mary a sprig of white lilies when he informed her she was to be the mother of the Christ. When Mary died, it was said her tomb was filled with growing white lilies.


 Lilies Were Symbols of Sexuality??

Oddly enough, during the prudish Victorian era, the lilies were seen as symbols of sexuality because of the stamens and pistils, so when they were exhibited, the offending items were removed. All I can say about that, is if the Victorians thought Lilies were too sexy, they must have had many problems in their relationships with their spouses.

Legend of Juno And The Easter Lily

A Roman Story About The Origin of The Easter Lily

When Juno, the Roman Queen of the Gods was nursing her son Hercules, a portion of milk fell from the sky and a portion remained in the sky to become the Milky Way. The portion of milk that fell to the ground created the white lily.


Easter Lily



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