Plan a spa weekend – at home

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How to have a luxury spa weekend at home

pink-lily-2-150919-mSpas are incredibly popular today. Some people love going to day spas to be completely pampered but the ultimate luxury is spending the weekend at a magnificent spa resort where your only goal is to be pampered and to relax.

The problem is that this can be terrifically expensive. But with a few careful purchases and a little planning, you can enjoy a luxury weekend at home.

Planning is the key. The first thing to do is determine what your goals for the weekend are. Do you simply want to relax? Maybe you want to spend the weekend eating good healthy foods so they you can detox and maybe lose a few pounds.

Do facial treatments and manicures appeal to you? Or maybe it’s your relationship that could do with a little pampering and what you’re really like is for the two of you to spend a relaxing time together.

Whatever your goal, the chances are that you’ll need supplies.  For example, do you have scented candles? They can make your bedroom or your bathroom into a luxury haven. If you’re planning to eat healthily during your weekend, make a list of foods that you’ll buy that will need minimum preparation – if you’re wanting to kick start a diet, you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen.

And remember that one of your goals will be to relax – no working in the kitchen allowed.

One of your first problems will be to make sure that you avoid your cellphone and your computer. You can’t have a truly relaxing weekend if you’re constantly texting or checking social media.

Don’t charge your phones and tablets – let the power run down. Switch off the computers. This isn’t to say that there will be no screen time – in order to relax, look through your collection of DVDs or download or order relaxing movies you want to watch – horror films are NOT recommended.

It’s a good idea to tell your friends that you’re going away to a place that has a reliable internet connection – that way your social media contacts won’t worry if you ‘disappear’ for a few days.

Determine how you are going to spend your time during your weekend. Watching television can be very unrelaxing – the news rarely makes anyone happy – but favourite DVDs are a good idea.

Are there books that you’ve been wanted to watch for ages? Do you have relaxing music to play in your home?

Think about practicalities – what will you wear? There’s nothing wrong with spending your weekend in a bathrobe or pjs, especially if you plan to massage each other or take luxurious bubble baths. Do you have soothing oils and lotions? Woulda lovely gift basket like the one shown here inspire you?

Be sure that there’s nothing in your home that will distract you. Vow not to go to the mailbox – it only contain depressing bills anyway. If you have a landline, unplug it from the wall.

Cast your eyes around your home before you start your weekend. Is your bedroom a wonderful, comfortable sanctuary with lovely clean bed linen? Add a few bunches of flowers to your rooms and a bowl of fresh fruit. Clear away clutter if you can – this will help your mind remain uncluttered.

And don’t forget treats. Buy just four expensive, handmade chocolates, splurge on a bottle of champagne … relax and enjoy.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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