Petition Against A Horse Kill Buyer

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Wyoming Wild Horses

Wyoming Wild Horses

Horse Slaughter In The News

Anyone who pays attention to the news knows what is happening to the wild horses across our country. The news of a kill buyer who recently shipped close to 1800 wild horses to slaughter in Mexico rankles our souls. He bought these horses at a Bureau of Land Management auction, signing a contract that he would not ship them to slaughter. The worst part of the news is that everyone knew he was lying, because he’s known to the BLM for a number of years as a slaughter buyer/shipper. It isn’t his first time to buy for slaughter. He doesn’t buy horses to give them a peaceful pasture, or to sell them to someone who wants to own a horse. No, he buys them to be slaughtered for meat, buying low and selling high. He paid $10 each for these horses and shipped them to slaughter. Even though he is known for years for this activity, nothing has been done to stop it. Not only that, but it’s covered up by government officials and the BLM, who enabled it for years. How they can face themselves each day, I can’t imagine.

Now that it’s been finally exposed, do you think it will still go on? Of course it will, unless action is taken against those who make it possible. If we don’t use the power of the law against these people, they will know they can do it and never face punishment for it. At the end of this page, I provide a link to sign a petition against a horse kill buyer. But don’t stop there, press your government representatives in your state to arrest and prosecute the others who had knowledge of and enabled this cruel activity, such as the former director of the BLM, and anyone who was involved in the deceit and cover up. Also press for an investigation into the workings of the Bureau of Land Management itself. It’s time to clean it up and clean it out.

One Kill Buyer Exposed

This man is only one kill buyer exposed. There are probably many others, because greed corrupts. This kill buyer was allowed, with the full knowledge of the Bureau of Land Management and its director, to take wild horse herds for several years and ship them to Mexico for slaughter. Until the recent news, there has been no public disclosure of this activity. He and his deeds were covered up for at least the past 20 years. He is never mentioned by name until the recent public disclosure. (See resources listed at the end of this article.) His name is Tom Davis, and perhaps it’s time you learned about the slaughter trade, and how people like him make their dirty money.



Pryor Mountain Wild Horses, Montana

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses, Montana


How Are The Horses Killed?

Warning: This is not a pretty description, so if you think you can’t stand it, go no further! But if you feel like I do, angry at this activity enough to stand anything to bring it to the public’s attention, then read on. First, the horses are rounded up from the range by helicopters, running for their lives. Horses are not predatory animals, rather, they are prey and as such easily frightened. The noise of the helicopters so close over their heads scares them and they stampede. Many die on the run, especially young foals who can’t keep up with their herd. They’re chased into a chute previously set up for the purpose, where they are then separated into different pens; mares with mares, stallions with stallions, foals and colts in another pen. This is not a natural situation for wild horses who form “families.” Then they are forcibly loaded on semi-trucks, jammed in together so closely that they’re unable to move. Some die here too, during the journey to the holding pens. Once they’re at the holding pens, you can hear the mares calling to their babies, the foals and colts calling back, you can hear the stallions vainly trying to break down the fences to get to their families to protect them. It’s what a stallion does, and their instincts drive them to do whatever they can to get to their herd. Caught and helpless, many die here, in the pens while taking desperate measures to get to their families. But it’s all for nothing, they will never be together again.


Desatoya Mountain Range, Nevada Wild Horse Gather by Helicopter

Desatoya Mountain Range, Nevada
Wild Horse Gather
by Helicopter


Those Who Survive the Round Up

The horses who survive the round up are jammed into the semi-trucks and driven for hours, sometimes days, jammed tightly together, unable to move around or lie down. These animals are not fed or watered. After all, why should they waste the money, since they’re going to slaughter? The horses are terrified, they’re exhausted, and then they finally reach the Mexican slaughter house. They’re driven into pens, where they are herded through another chute where a man waits at the end with a bolt gun. Each horse is shot in the head with a metal bolt. If they’re lucky it kills them. If the man’s aim is off and they’re not dead, they are skinned, gutted and dressed out in the slaughter house while still alive. This is the kind of end they’re rewarded for simply being wild horses. The cruelty is a part of making money; no one cares about the animals, just get them slaughtered and ready for market so they get the money into their pockets as fast as possible.

Why Is This Happening?

The Bureau of Land Management has a number of reasons they use for this treatment. They first said the horses were starving on the range and that was the reason for the roundups. When that was shown by numerous photos not to be true, they then said the horses were killing the sage grouse who make their nests on the prairie. When it was shown that the entire range doesn’t have sage grouse, only a very small section, they discarded that reason. Then it was put out in the news that the horses are ruining the range land by eating all the plants and leaving none for the cattle. Each of these “reasons” have been proven to be false. The real reason is that the BLM is run by those who are tied to cattle ranching. It’s like the fox managing the hen house.

So What About The Land?

Cattle ranchers run their cattle on public land, and are supposed to pay the government for the privilege. Some do, some don’t, but they feel it’s THEIRS. In reality the land belongs to the American people. When cattle are on the land they pull the grasses and other range plants up by the roots as they graze, eating roots and all. Nothing will grow there for a long time. But when a horse grazes they eat the green tops of the plants, and the plants come back up from those roots. Cattle destroy the range land, horses do not.

Water Rights Too?

In the time that wild horses graze they also go to local natural watering holes. Horses are smart, they stand on the land and drink from the water sources without going into the water. These are not water holes dug by ranchers, and they do not belong to the ranchers, because again, it’s public land. Cows will go down into the water and wade around, muddying and dirtying the water with body wastes. Sometimes they even get stuck and can’t get out. In order to prevent horses from having water, the ranchers fence off the water holes that do not belong to them, thereby preventing horses from drinking. When they want their cattle to have water, they simply go and open the fence for a time, and close it again once the cattle have finished drinking. Cruel? Yes it is. It’s part of the way wild horses are treated because they’re worthless to the rancher because they  bring in no money.


If You Care….

….that horses have been on this planet since ancient times. If you care that they helped us create the nation we now call the United States of America (Revolutionary War.) If you care that without them we’d have probably lost WWI, and if you care that we settled the western half of our country with their help, you should consider signing this petition to arrest and prosecute the man who is the biggest kill buyer/seller of the past 20 years. Every journey begins with one single step, let’s do this together, and then head for the bigger guys and do the same thing. Go to this link Petition to Prosecute Kill Buyer



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Nancy Hardin is a highly experienced writer and author. A retired journalist, she is also a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother with a wealth of experience in many fields. In addition, she is a retiree veteran, having spent many years in the Women’s Army Corps. She is also an experienced ghostwriter and you can see more about her skills at the The Writers’Door. YOu can visit Nancy’s website here and discover more of her work at this site.

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Author: Nancy Hardin

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  1. To someone living in UK the image of horses living wild and free in the vast open spaces of the American prairies is iconic. This is shocking. Please save these creatures.

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  2. I’ve signed the petition. Such a sad story – I could hardly read it all!

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  3. Shocking.


    Makes me want to do some killing of my own!

    Petition signed, and without hesitation!

    Let’s go get ’em, Nancy!

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    • Danny, thank you so much. I agree, let’s go get ’em. They rounded up another 1,500 today in Oregon. I guess they need more money? Grrrrrrr!

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