Piranha, by Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison, A Review

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An Oregon Files Adventure

Juan Cabrillo, and crew, have put a wealth of time and money into their ship, the Oregon.  Derelict on the outside, thoroughly modern with the most advanced technology on the inside, the ship has gotten them through many near death assignments.  So why would Juan allow it to be destroyed?

The Oregon, Juan and his crew are back, and up to their clever tricks, in Piranha.  Somewhat different from Mr. Cussler’s other series, deception and disguises are a big part of the Oregon series.  Often scenes are set up as though a seaworthy Mission Impossible was to take place.  With well thought out detail, their elaborate plans are carefully assessed for risks, so the Oregon’s crew can achieve its goal.  Naturally danger is included with every assignment.  Especially when your ship is to be blown up.

Donning more disguises than usual, even for the ship herself, Cabrillo is looking for smugglers. What he finds is far more complicated than that.  You have officials more than willing to take bribes, an admiral, determined to be Venezuela’s next president, stolen American tanks, arms sales to North Korea, and most important of all, a century old diary holding a secret that could give power over the seas. Before the book ends, they will all  connect.

While one man is determined to hold that diary and what it contains, he has also had a head start in putting it to use.  Very capable drones are on a mission of their own.  Smuggling will be of far less concern to Cabrillo  as he races to catch up and stop a disaster at sea and an assassination attempt on someone very close.

It’s a fun and very exciting ride that one always expects from Clive Cussler.  This time the novel is co written with Boyd Morrison, another author who writes adventure with his character Tyler Locke.  The Ark was his debut novel, and Tyler Locke’s debut as well.  A very enjoyable read.  To make Piranha even more fun, Tyler makes an appearance as well.  It’s always good to see him.

I listened to the book, purchased with a credit through Audible.  Scott Brick narrates all of Mr. Cussler’s novels, and he does it very well.  His voice suits the characters well.  Always a pleasure.  If you get the chance, I suggest you try it in the audio version.

However you choose to read it, you are bound to enjoy it—if you have read Clive Cussler in the past especially. This continues a wonderful series with plenty of action and suspense, a few lessons in history and technology, some nail biting tension, and yet the knowledge that Juan will pull it all off with panache.


Coming next…The Solomon Curse

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